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This weekend, Virginia Republicans will gather in Richmond to choose their candidate for U.S. Senate and a new party chairman. Headlining their fundraising dinner tonight will be none other than Vice President Dick Cheney, key architect of an administration that has specialized in putting partisanship ahead of progress at every turn.

Virginia Republicans have already expressed their belief that the only way to beat Mark Warner this fall is through a barrage of personal, negative attacks. Now that their bitter primary has come to a close, we can only expect those attacks to get worse.

We won’t have our final say until this November, but you can send message to the GOP today: Keep Dick Cheney politics out of Virginia. Please donate now to help us fight back.


Levar Stoney
Executive Director



“To sit there and deny, as the Speaker [of the House William J. Howell, R-Stafford] has, that we don’t have a statewide problem is absurd.”
– Sen. Dick Saslaw (D-Annandale), on transportation [Winchester Star, 5/27/08]

“Don’t come back and do nothing. Don’t get up to the foul line, drop the ball on your foot and slink off the court. Do something! Act.”
– Gov. Tim Kaine, urging the General Assembly to take action on transportation [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/28/08]

“[The state GOP] gave me the middle finger.”
– Rep. Tom Davis (R-11th), “unloading” on Virginia Republicans [Media General, 5/29/08]

“The very fact that the Republicans have another uphill climb in a statewide campaign is an indication of a state that has become far more competitive, and it’s a state Republicans can no longer rely on for relatively easy victories.”
– VCU political scientist Bob Holsworth, on Virginia’s 2008 U.S. Senate race [Washington Times, 5/29/08]  

“[T]his is the central problem with Jeff Frederick’s campaign for Chairman.  He will say anything – launch any attack – to satisfy his own ambition.”
– RPV Chair John Hager, on his opponent for reelection, Del. Jeff Frederick. [Washington Times, 5/29/08]



Gov. Tim Kaine

Sen. Jim Webb

General Assembly             

Election 2008



“Webb should be proud of working to make the GI Bill what it used to be. Bush and McCain should be ashamed of standing in the way.” [Roanoke Times, 5/25/08]

“When Virginia’s freshman U.S. Senator Jim Webb says his recent, successful push to assure that returning war veterans will receive the educational benefits they deserve has nothing to do with politics, it’s refreshingly sincere. Webb has been accused of a lot of things since he beat out Republican George Allen in 2006, but they haven’t included being overly political.” [Staunton News Leader, 5/26/08]

“As partial repayment for the sacrifice of soldiers in a time of war, a new, improved G.I. Bill is as wise now as it was in 1944.” [New York Times, 5/26/08]

“With the Senate’s approval of an updated GI Bill, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb sealed his effectiveness as a freshman member of that legislative body. He made improving benefits for America’s military forces a campaign issue in 2006 and just 16 months later, he has produced results.” [Lynchburg News & Advance, 5/29/08]

“Perhaps McDonnell and Republican leaders genuinely believe motorists will have to tough it out and live with the roads they’ve got, potholes and all. It would be better if they were honest about that instead of creating false hope that real help is on the way.” [Virginian-Pilot, 5/27/08]

“So, again, what are the Republicans – or McDonnell, specifically – ready to not fund now in order to accommodate road maintenance in the general fund? Where’s the plan, Stan? When Kaine rolled out his latest transportation proposal, it took less than two hours for Republican leaders in the House of Delegates – where the no-tax position primarily manifests itself – to pronounce it ‘dead on arrival.’ Their alternative? None. Their plan? No plan.” [Daily Press, 5/27/08]

“A showdown comes in a month, when the legislature convenes for a special session called by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) to address the crisis in transportation funding. Brace yourself for the spectacle of Republican leaders who have no solutions, only empty partisan slogans about tax-and-spend Democrats. Northern Virginians who listen to the battle blow-by-blow on their car radios while sitting in some of the worst traffic jams in the nation will know whom to blame.”[Washington Post, 5/28/08]

“Paying too much at the pump? U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte says you should blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He sure does… If that’s the tack Goodlatte wishes to take in fighting off his first serious Democratic challenger, then he better be prepared to pay a premium for his gasbag politics.” [Roanoke times, 5/27/08]



In Case You Missed It: Washington Post Calls Virginia Republican Leaders’ Just-Say-No Approach to Transportation Funding “Reckless” (5/28/08)



Primary Elections
June 10, 2008 

Democratic State Convention
Hampton Roads Convention Center
Hampton, VA
June 14, 2008 

General Election
November 4, 2008

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