Obama Takes Over DNC

“In a major shakeup at the Democratic National Committee — and a departure from tradition — large parts of the committee’s operations are relocating to Chicago to be fully integrated with the Obama campaign,” according to Politico.

“The DNC’s political department, housed in Washington, D.C., will be dramatically rebuilt, with staffers offered a choice of moving to Chicago, joining state operations, or staying in Washington… But with the power will clearly be shifting to a centralized Chicago hub.”

“The move reflects Obama’s desire to maintain an unusually streamlined campaign, as well as his swift and complete takeover of a Democratic Party that isn’t always known for its unity.”

Dobbs for Governor?

CNN’s Lou Dobbs is considering running for governor of New Jersey, according to the Newark Star Ledger.

“Several well-connected Republicans say they’ve heard the buzz that Dobbs, famous for his sharp commentary about Washington policies and politics, may be turning his sights on Trenton and has inquired about the steps necessary to start a campaign.”

Asked if he wanted to deny the rumor, Dobbs said, “I’m just not going to comment.”

Webb’s Vision

Reclaiming a Fair and Just America

Joe Klein reviews A Time to Fight by Sen. James Webb (D-VA) and says that it “may be the best evocation of the 21st century Democratic Party’s emerging style and philosophy.”

Key takeaway: “Since his election to the Senate, Webb has done two things I didn’t think possible. In 2007 he gave an official response to the State of the Union speech that was not only worth watching but also more interesting than President Bush’s turgid offering. And now he has written a policy book that is actually worth reading, an unprecedented feat for a sitting politician.”

How to Pick a Running Mate

Political Insider: Five reliable ways to pick a running mate.

Wisconsin Poll: Obama Way Ahead of McCain

Though Wisconsin has been close in recent presidential elections, a new University of Wisconsin poll shows the Badger State solidly in the Democratic column this time around. 

Sen. Barack Obama is way ahead of Sen. John McCain, 50% to 37%.

Said pollster Ken Goldstein: “In both 2000 and 2004, party attachments in the state were virtually identical with equal numbers of voters identifying with the Democrats and the GOP. One of the striking results in this poll and consistent with other survey work I have done in the state, the Democrats now enjoy a major advantage in party identification.”

Quinnipiac: Obama Ahead in New Jersey

Every year, it looks like New Jersey might be a swing state in the presidential race. A new Quinnipiac poll shows a close race with Sen. Barack Obama edging Sen. John McCain, 45% to 39%.

Key findings: Obama has a double-digit lead among women, 46% to 35%, and men split 44% to 44%. McCain leads among Independent voters, 42% to 40%.

Democrats On Track to Gain in House

Larry Sabato: “Every initial indication suggests that November 2008 will be a consolidation election for the Democrats. Barring a broad-based triumph by John McCain — not a squeaker — the Democratic House majority is highly unlikely to be threatened. Furthermore, it appears very likely that Democrats will gain seats in the House, thus padding their majority. The precise number of seats to be added is indeterminate for now, but eight to fourteen is a decent, conservative guess.”

For more, see CQ‘s excellent Balance of Power Scorecard and Races to Watch.

The Fast Rise of Bobby Jindal

Details magazine has in-depth look at Piyush Jindal, better known as Bobby, the current governor of Louisiana and reportedly one of the leading candidates to become Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

“If Bobby Jindal, now 37, who has pinballed from a gubernatorial-cabinet position at the age of 24 to two terms in Congress and then to the governorship, can’t be called your typical Louisiana politician, it’s because he’s not your typical Louisianan.”

The piece looks at his quick political rise, his young ambitions, his experience with exorcism, his conversion to Catholicism, conflict with his parents, meeting Sen. Barack Obama and more.

Previously on Political Wire: Jindal and Satan. 

Americans Want Democrats to Control Congress

More from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll

Americans now prefer that Democrats control Congress by a 19 point margin, 52% to 33%. That number is up four points from two months ago, and is higher than the 15 point margin that Democrats held when we took back control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections. It’s also by far the highest margin for either party in the 13 years of data available from previous polls.

Even more interesting is that a stunningly low 13% of those surveyed approve of the job the Congress is doing, compared with 79% who disapprove.

Democrats See Pick Up Chance in VA-11

CQ Politics changes its rating on VA-11 and now says it leans Democratic because “a strong candidate” has been picked and “a favorable electoral environment give Democrats an advantage.”

The seat is currently held by retiring Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA).

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  1. pooh johnston Says:

    frank, i just wanted you t0 know how much i enjoy your democratic news round-up. on days i don’t have time to digest a newspaper, i still feel informed. thank you.

  2. fvmoore Says:

    Thanks Pooh! It forces me to stay up to speed too.

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