Clinton Will Hold Call With Fundraisers

Sen. Hillary Clinton will hold a conference call with her “top fundraising leadership” on Wednesday to urge them to build a general election war chest for Sen. Barack Obama, TPM reports.

PPP Poll: Obama Up Big in Ohio

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Sen. Barack Obama begins the general election in Ohio with a double digit lead over John McCain, 50% to 39%.

It’s a major improvement from most recent previous Ohio poll, taken at the height of the Jeremiah Wright controversy in March, which showed Obama trailing McCain 49% to 41%.

Bottom line: “The key difference for Obama is that he’s got his party behind him to a much greater extent than he did then.”

Paterson Outed as Source for Story

The New York Post‘s Fred Dicker reveals New York Gov. David Paterson (D) was the source for his story yesterday that the governor had privately referred to New York City Mayor Bloomberg as a “nasty, tantrum-prone liar” who has “little use” for average New Yorkers.

The newspaper’s report was based on a source “with firsthand knowledge of Paterson’s comments.” When Paterson blasted the story yesterday, the newspaper outed him.

Ben Smith: “Having a source deny publicly what he told you privately is a particular kind of breach of trust, and Dicker’s story is a heated response.”

Are Democrats Using Code Words About McCain’s Age?

“As some Republicans see it, Democrats are deliberately talking in code about” Sen. John McCain “as part of an attempt to highlight his age,” according to Politico.

“The issue is no small matter for McCain. Polls in recent months found voters more likely to take into consideration his age than Obama’s race, which explains why the McCain campaign has turned into ersatz word police, calling foul on even the slightest hint of a reference to the Republican’s age.”

Obama, McCain Splitting Independent Voters

A new Washington Post/ABC News survey shows Sen. Barack Obama running ahead of Sen. John McCain, 48% to 42%, among all adults. Among registered voters, the margin is essentially the same — 49% to 45%. 

Key findings: “Obama and McCain are even among political independents… On the issues, independents see McCain as more credible on fighting terrorism and are split evenly on who is the stronger leader and better on the Iraq war. But on other key attributes and issues — including the economy — Obama has advantages among independents.”

Of note: “At this point four years ago, Democratic Sen. John F. Kerry held identical leads over President Bush among all adults and among registered voters.

Rasmussen: Virginia Looks Like a Battleground

A new Rasmussen Reports survey in Virginia shows Sen. Barack Obama barely edging Sen. John McCain, 45% to 44%.

Key findings: “McCain has lost ground among both male voters over the past month. He leads Obama among men 49% to 41%, but a month earlier his lead was nearly twice that size (15%). Women voters currently favor Obama 48% to 39%, little changed from a month ago.”

McCain’s Dream Picks

Robert Novak: “Sources close to Sen. John McCain say the Republican presidential candidate likes the idea of Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman, re-elected from Connecticut as an independent in 2006, or former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge — if he could get away with it. The political consensus is that McCain couldn’t get away with either, and he knows it.”

Obama Maintains Slim National Lead

The latest Cook Political Report/RT Strategies poll finds Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain nationally, 44% to 40%.
Key findings: 30% strongly supported McCain, 5% were more moderate in their support and another 4% were initially undecided, but when pushed they leaned toward McCain. Obama had strong support among 34% of the voters, moderate support among 6% and 4% were undecided but leaned to him. Another 16% were undecided and not leaning to either candidate. 

McCain was winning 81% to 8% among Republicans while Obama was ahead 78% to 11% among Democrats.  Obama had a five point lead among independents, 41% to 36%.

Fire-Breathing Liberal

How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of CongressIn the mail: Fire-Breathing Liberal: How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of Congress by Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL). He opens the book noting, “I want to proclaim on every page of this book that I am a liberal Democrat and proud of it.”

The Palm Beach Post notes “the real charm and value of this book comes from Wexler’s candid assessment of his own foibles, his obvious deep affection for the thousands of senior citizens in his district and the clear joy he gets from being a member of congress… It is worth reading.”

Gore Endorses Obama

Al Gore will endorse Sen. Barack Obama later today at a rally in Michigan, according to a posting on Gore’s website.

“From now through Election Day, I intend to do whatever I can to make sure he is elected President of the United States.”

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