Quote of the Day

“Yeah, man, you’re a senator.”

— Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) to Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) on the Senate floor, quoted by Politico. The exchange was followed by Byrd laughing hysterically.

Lieberman Would Be Crushed Today

A new Research 2000 poll found that if Connecticut voters could vote again in the 2006 U.S. Senate race they would have elected Ned Lamont (D) over Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I), 51% to 36%, with Alan Schlesinger (R) getting 7%.

Birthday Complicates Timing for McCain

Nathan Gonzales from the Rothenberg Political Report sends us this information observation:

“With all of the talk about John McCain unveiling his running mate immediately after the Democratic National Convention to alleviate Barack Obama’s bounce, there could be a wrinkle in McCain’s potential plans: his birthday.”

“McCain turns 72 years old on August 29, the day after the Democrats’ convention. So while the Arizona senator could swipe some media attention from Obama by announcing his vice presidential choice during the time between the conventions, the senator’s birthday and age will be a prominent media story. And it will be contrasted even further with the age of his running mate.”

Baucus Challenger Tries to Preempt Personal Attacks

Saying he’s concerned Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) “may use personal smears” in their Senate campaign, challenger Bob Kelleher (R) “laid out his life’s faults” yesterday, the Missoulian reports.

Kelleher noted that he dropped out of a monastery “because he couldn’t handle the vow of chastity.” He also noted he has since been married and divorced three times and has seven children “and regrets the impact his absence had on their lives.”

Said Kelleher: “I wanted to have fun.”

Not surprisingly, CQ rates the race Safe Democrat.

Obama, McCain Tied Among Catholics

A new Time poll of Catholic voters that reveals that Sen. Barack Obama has pulled even with Sen. John McCain among that constituency — Obama now polls 44% to McCain’s 45%. 

The poll “confirmed that a majority of Catholics (59%) can be broadly defined as pro-life (opposing abortion except to protect a woman’s life or health or in cases of rape or incest). But these pro-life Catholics are actually split into two voting camps: conservative Catholics who consider abortion to be a determining factor, and Catholics who feel that social issues can be trumped in times of economic and national insecurity.”

Americans Favor Flag Pins

“As the Fourth of July approaches, six in 10 of those surveyed in a USA Today/Gallup Poll say sporting an American flag pin indicates that a person is patriotic, one of a half-dozen actions that most say reflect a love of country.”

Obama Considers Cutting Convention Short

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee “are toying with a convention scheduling change that has been broached before in theory but never seriously considered: cutting the party’s conclave in Denver short by one day to give Obama an extra day of post-nomination bounce in the crowded August calendar.” 

“Adding to the Democrats’ calculation is the growing speculation that McCain will announce his running mate in the brief intermission between the two conventions — a good way to seize the spotlight from the just-nominated Democrat.”

McCain Uses Loopholes in McCain-Feingold Law

The Wall Street Journal reports that allies of Sen. John McCain “have found new loopholes in the campaign-finance law he helped write — and they’re using them to reel in huge contributions to help him compete with Sen. Barack Obama.”

VA-5 Race Seen as Competitive

The emergence of a “vigorous and well-funded” Democratic challenger in the VA-5congressional race has prompted CQ Politics to change its rating on the race to reflect the possibility of a competitive contest this fall.

The rating, which was Safe Republican, is now Republican Favored. This means Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) “still is considered likely to win re-election in the 5th, a sprawling area that stretches from just north of Charlottesville to the state’s border with North Carolina. But it also means that the contest is at least mildly competitive at the moment.”

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