Obama’s Accidental Sister Souljah Moment

Dan Balz: “Barack Obama leads a charmed life. He finally had his Sister Souljah moment and didn’t even have to show up. Jesse Jackson did it for him solo.”

Quote of the Day

“Well, you know, America already has one Dr. Phil. When it comes to the economy, we don’t need another.”

— Sen. Barack Obama, quoted by Politico, on comments made by McCain economic adviser Phil Gramm that the economy was in a “mental recession” and we are “a nation of whiners.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Washington Post, Gramm said he stands by his remarks: “I’m not going to retract any of it. Every word I said was true.”

The Map

Over at Political Insider, there is a round up of the latest electoral college forecasts for the presidential election.

Obama Shift Doesn’t Bother Most Democrats

The Los Angeles Times: “As Barack Obama moves to broaden his appeal beyond loyal Democrats, a chorus of anger and disappointment has arisen from the left. But those voices are a distinct minority because the party has a more pressing concern: winning in November.”

McCain’s Alter Ego

Bloomberg profiles Sen. John McCain’s right hand man, noting he’s “run for president twice, gone through four campaign managers, written five books and delivered hundreds of speeches. The one constant: Mark Salter, the Arizona senator’s longtime aide and alter ego.”

“Salter, 53, is his most trusted adviser, traveling companion, image-shaper, sounding board, wordsmith and defender. He weighs in on almost every campaign decision, and in McCain’s absence, even speaks for the presumptive Republican nominee.”

Said McCain: “He’s like a brother. There’s no one closer to me in my life, besides my wife and kids.”

Gallup Poll: McCain Faces Enthusiasm Gap

Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. John McCain in the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll among registered voters, 48% to 42%, at the edge of the survey’s margin of error.

“However, an analysis of how Americans view the election — whether they think it matters and how strongly they’re committed to a candidate — shows a more lopsided contest… In all, 67% of Obama supporters say they’re more excited than usual about voting, compared with 31% of McCain backers. A 54% majority of McCain voters report being less excited than usual.”

GOP Faces Unexpected Battle in FL-24

“Though Republican strategists knew they would face problems holding their ground in the House this year after their big setbacks in 2006,” Rep. Tom Feeney’s (R-FL) re-election bid in FL-24 “wasn’t initially in their top tier of trouble races. But signs of increasing competition — which have prompted CQ Politics to change its rating on the race — have added the central Florida seat to the GOP’s list of worries.”

CQ now rates the race Leans Republican instead of Republican Favored.

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