The following is the body of an email I received from a DEMLIST member and I thought it was worth sharing. 

My problem with Palin… 

Several of you have asked me what my problem is with Sarah Palin… so I will try to answer that here. She just is the most obvious part of the problem – but not the entire problem. No, not at all. Let me explain myself…

The truth is, my problem is with the Truth – or lack of it. My problem is with someone trying to manipulate me and take my vote – not for MY benefit – but for his, and using a woman to accomplish this, to boot!!! It was a shrewd move, in a way. On opening night, she sounded good. We all wanted to believe her. She was a perky little cheerleader mom type that many of us could identify with in one way or another. And if her pretty face did not sway the men, well, then, lets bring in the moose killer and field dresser and put her right on the back of your snowmachine (not snowmobile up there) and go roaring up thru the wilds of Alaska. And if a polar bear gets in your way, well, what the heck – shoot him too. After all, they are not endangered in the World According to Palin. And when you get bored with all that, hop on a plane and go fly low over the tundra and shoot a few wolves. Of course, you can’t do that in the governor’s plane because, as she told us on opening night, she sold that baby on eBay. I mean, who needs a plane? (Oh, oh, what about Cindy McCain’s plane?????) Well, so she actually SAID she put the plane on eBay. And that part is true. But it did not sell. It was actually McCain who said she SOLD it on eBay and sold it for a profit… neither is true. Go to for the whole story. The point is –

“But in fact, the jet did not sell on eBay. It was sold to a businessman from Valdez named LarryReynolds, who paid $2.1 million for the jet, shy of the original $2.7 million purchase price, according to contemporaneous news reports, including a story in the New York Times.

Dan Spencer, the director of administrative services for Alaska’s Public Safety Department, said that the Republican speaker of the Alaska House, John L. Harris, brokered the deal. Reynolds made campaign contributions to both Palin and Harris in 2006 and 2007.”

So, add that to the “Thanks but no thanks” crock of crap about the bridge to nowhere that we all know about by now – I mean, how many times do we have to hear that? – and throw in a few more inconsistencies and, well, I started to have some serious issues with believing anything she said.

            “I can see Russia from my front porch” clinched it. HUH? As many of you know, I have been an Iditarod fan, well, sort of… mostly I have been an Alaska fan. I have followed the Iditarod for many years as we had a teaching unit in our school from years back that used the Iditarod to teach the kids not only reading, but geography among other things. It can be used for math, science (climate, wildlife,) oh, the list goes on and on. The fact that there is a real race the kids can follow just made it more fun for those smart enough to understand this was our own reality show we were peeking in on. So was she saying she could see Russia from her house in Wasilla or Juneau? Of course, neither one is the right answer. So here we have an EVANGELICAL who believes God has placed her in the governor’s mansion to clean up Alaska from all its corruption, and she is telling lie after lie after lie! And I did not even have to do any research to know some of it was pure crap, and wondered how much more was coming. Russia… right.

She thanked Hillary Clinton for paving the way for her. Um, what about Geraldine Ferraro? But, wait, she was right. It WAS because of Hillary that she was chosen. If Obama had taken Hillary as his running mate – Palin would never have happened. She was the token female to pull the disappointed Hillary female vote over to McCain because he thought we women would be stupid enough to be bought that way. I would like to believe that those women who have been on TV saying they would vote for Palin (and incidentally McCain) because, “She’s a mom, I’m a mom…” would have voted for him anyway (because their husbands probably told them to.)

Also, let’s face it, there were a number of other women he could have chosen. But why this one? Well, where do we start? Could it be the beauty queen was too much of a temptation for him? Wife #1 was a beauty queen, #2 was also a beauty and rodeo queen (with GOBS of money, by the way) and he apparently dated numerous other beauty queens or at least finalists during the time he was married to wife #1, oh, and even wife #2. Hmmm. Or was it because Palin was not as smart as the others – or should I be kinder and say that her inexperience would make sure he remained her superior – he surely could not have a woman as his partner who was smarter (or, gasp, more honest, than he, now could he? – but if she was smarter would she even agree to be his running mate???)

OK, would I have voted for Hillary because she was a woman? Hell, no. I would have been glad to see a woman as president of the United States, and Hillary would have probably done a damned good job. I know I was much better off when Bill was in office, and hey, he would be right down the hall. (Bet she’d a had all male interns, huh?) Did I particularly want Hillary? No. she was not my first choice, neither was Obama. But if I have to choose between McPain and Obama, there is no contest. I don’t give a crap for the war hero thing – it loses its glory with all the lies he has told and all the stuff he has done that tells me he cannot be trusted. And Palin is just the tip of his iceberg. (Watch out, that ice is melting fast!)

Then there is John McPain’s wife. No, not the one he is married to now… the one with all the houses, cars, private plane – the one who wore the $313,000 dollar dress to his acceptance speech… no, not her… the one he left when he came home and found his first beauty queen wife had been in a horrible car accident, had had 23 life saving and corrective surgeries, was now 4 inches shorter, disfigured, and semi-wheelchair bound. That one. I suggest you google McCain’s fist wife and read all about it. It is too sad to write about. (By the way, Ross Perot paid for her medical care. Go figure?) McCain’s mother sued Carol after the divorce for a couple of paintings, a needle point screen and a pair of earrings. It was settled out of court. Of course, the old lady denied it – but he has been unable to hide these records… or maybe he has done that now. Nice family!

Strangely I remember how he used the story of his second wife’s addiction to pain killers, parading her out in front of the TV cameras to tearfully tell of her unfortunate addiction to cover-up the impending story of how she stole drugs from her own charity…

She granted semi-exclusive interviews to one TV station and three daily newspaper reporters in Arizona, tearfully recalling her addiction, which came about after painful back and knee problems and was exacerbated by the stress of the Keating Five banking scandal that had ensnared her husband. To make matters worse, McCain admitted, she had stolen the drugs from the American Voluntary Medical Team, her own charity, and had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration.  It is worth reading!

            What??? McCain was one of the Keating Five????? I am sure you remember that debacle. And he said he had to suspend his current campaign to rush to the president’s side to take care of the current financial crisis???? (But we all knew what he was really up to. It had nothing to do with the financial crisis – it had to do with the Palin crisis, and we all know that. It was just another ruse to delay her appearance before the public and the humiliating experience of opening her mouth and letting her ignorance show. I bet if you didn’t see Katie Couric’s interview on CBS, you had to have seen it on youtube!)

It is not even about the fact that they tried to kick McPain out of Annapolis but basically could not because his father and grandfather were well respected admirals. Or the fact that he graduated at the bottom of his class. Ok, 4th from the bottom. Not THE bottom… Palin changed schools every year trying to find a place where she was happy, accepted, could pass her courses… Lots of people take 6 years to get their bachelors. Some people take more. We won’t even get into the Bush thing. Is we learning yet? I do appreciate Obama being the President of the Harvard Law Review. You can’t say that was a token placement. I have heard those remarks. Doesn’t happen at Harvard Law Review.

Well, then, what the heck is it that has the old girl so riled up? Basically, it is that he thinks we all are so damned stupid that we will buy every piece of crap that he puts out in front of us. He has done it all his life. Read his history. He can’t have so many enemies that it is all a pack of lies! It ticks me off because he is using this woman – certainly not against her will – to screw you, the voting public. And her ego is so big right now, she is eating it up. I wonder if she is aware of how stupid she sounded on that interview. I wonder if he really thought the country would think he was wonderful for rushing back to DC to the president’s side to take care of the financial crisis which incidentally would have eliminated the Palin-Biden debate and kept her hidden a little longer as his staff tries and tries to prepare her for the event that somebody might ask her about her foreign experience or something again.


If you want an Alaskan’s point of view (and a load of other people’s) go to the mudflats new site or the earlier mudflat’s blog and just read to your heart’s delight. or Not only is the writing excellent – there are videos from Wasilla, CBS, and Palin’s own church (especially great is the witch hunter praying over her! HONEST!) So these are not just opinions, there is so much more there than that. Do check it out.

If you want other sources and don’t have the energy to google any of this stuff (I have not included EVERYTHING!) go to There is a long list of links there, much longer than mine: adultery, divorces, cheating, Keating five, gambling, wife’s addiction, mafia ties (no offence to my Sicilian friends!) did I mention cheating? Oh, he conveniently has claimed to be a Baptist right now, though he has never been baptized… but it seemed the political thing to do while in S Carolina. Gotta get that halleluiah vote – but he has Palin for that now.


Ok, ok… I guess I just don’t like someone treating me like I am so stupid that I will fall for his line of lies and manipulations. And putting Palin out there and humiliating her in front of America for his own personal gain ticks me off. And it ticks me off that she is too damned stupid to realize it. There. I’ve said it.

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