LAT/Bloomberg: Obama Leads in Florida, Ohio

A new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times Poll shows Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain among likely voters in both Forida and Ohio.

Florida: 50% to 43% 

Ohio: 49% to 40%

In both states, Obama “has opened commanding leads over McCain among women, young people, first-time voters and blacks and other minorities.”

Cronkite/Eight Poll: McCain Could Lose Arizona

A new Cronkite/Eight Poll in Arizona shows Sen. John McCain leads Sen. Barack Obama by just two points, 46% to 44%.

Said poll director Bruce Merrill: “Obama has been closing the gap by attracting independents and women to his campaign. McCain does well among conservative Democrats and evangelicals. Still, a week is a long time in a political campaign and anything can happen. Who wins will be determined by which candidate gets their supporters out to the polls on Election Day.”

These results are similar to two polls released yesterday that also showed a tight race in McCain’s home state.

Suffolk Poll: Obama Opens Lead in Nevada

A new Suffolk poll in Nevada shows Sen. Barack Obama has opened up a 10-point lead over Sen. John McCain among likely voters, 50% to 40%.
Key finding: “The double-digit spread is a marked switch from just over a month ago, when a Suffolk University poll found a virtual dead heat between the two candidates in the Silver State. It’s the first Nevada poll this year to find a double-digit lead for Obama.”

The No Talk Express

An interesting tidbit from Robert Draper on Gov. Sarah Palin: “I’ve heard from one well-placed source that McCain has snubbed her on one long bus ride aboard the Straight Talk Express, to the embarrassment of those sitting nearby.”

InsiderAdvantage: McCain Clings to Lead in Georgia

A new InsiderAdvantage poll in Georgia finds Sen. John McCain leading Sen. Barack Obama by just one point, 48% to 47%.

Said pollster Matt Towery: “Obama had a better shot of winning Georgia than North Carolina or Florida but he’s letting it slip away.”

In the U.S. Senate race, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) holds a two point edge over challenger Jim Martin (D).

Mason-Dixon: Montana Is Close

A new round of NBC/Mason-Dixon polls is out today:

New Hampshire: Obama 50%, McCain 39%

North Carolina: Obama 47%, McCain 47%

Montana: McCain 48%, Obama 44%

“This Montana poll, in fact, comes just as we’ve learned that the Republican National Committee’s independent expenditure arm will begin advertising there tomorrow. That’s right, folks — Montana is still in play, and the race there could even be closer than the poll suggests when 1) popular Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) is at the top of the ticket; 2) Sen. Max Baucus (D) is cruising to re-election; and 3) the state GOP there is in a mess.”

Early Voters Favor Obama

The latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll says that of the 9% who say they’ve already voted, either by early in-person voting or absentee ballot, their preference is Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain, by 60% to 39%.

Quote of the Day

“When two mavericks join up we don’t agree on everything, but it’s a lot of fun.”

— Sen. John McCain, quoted by the Associated Press, on the differences between him and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin.

Legal War Rooms Prep for Battle

“Thousands of lawyers from both parties have recently stepped from behind the scenes in efforts to protect or challenge issues like voter registration cards, data bases, voting machines, and early and absentee ballots in preparation for election day,” ABC News reports.

“While ‘political war rooms’ have existed for years to bring together a campaign’s political brain trust for strategy sessions, ‘legal war rooms’ are a relatively new and growing phenomenon born after the contentious 2000 presidential election between George Bush and Al Gore that was finally decided by the Supreme Court.”

Pew Research: Obama Crushing McCain Nationally

Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. John McCain by a 52% to 36% margin in the latestPew Research survey

“This is the fourth consecutive survey that has found support for the Republican candidate edging down. In contrast, since early October weekly Pew surveys have shown about the same number of respondents saying they back Obama. When the sample is narrowed to those most likely to vote, Obama leads by 53% to 38%.”

DNC Will Tap Line of Credit

“Hoping to maximize congressional gains,  the DNC is taking out a $10 million line of credit to split equally between the House and Senate campaign committees,”Jonathan Martin reports.

“The decision to go into the red for the DCCC and DSCC comes as party operatives see more races coming into play, especially in the House. The goal: To take advantage of what is shaping up to be a Democratic wave by picking up as many seats as possible, giving the party a massive governing majority and making it more difficult for the GOP to recapture power in future cycles.”

SurveyUSA: Obama Leads in Ohio

A new SurveyUSA poll in Ohio finds Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain, 49% to 45%.

The two are tied at 47% each among voters who have not yet cast a ballot. However, among those who have already voted, Obama leads by 13 points. 

McCain-Palin Rift Grows

The divisions in the McCain-Palin campaign continue to widen with one senior McCain aide telling Mike Allen that Gov. Sarah Palin is “a whack job.”

Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos said this about the “demoralized” McCain campaign on ABC News this morning: “Palin is going to be the most vivid chapter of the McCain campaign’s post-mortem… Those loyal to McCain believe they have been unfairly blamed for over-handling Palin. They say they did the best they could with what they got.”

Reid Seeks to Push Byrd Out

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “is quietly preparing to ease 90-year-old Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-WV) from his perch as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee,” according to Politico.

“Byrd — the longest-serving senator in U.S. history — would become chairman emeritus, likely retaining coveted office space in the Capitol near the Senate floor. He would also remain Senate president pro tempore, which leaves him third in line to the presidency even though his health now makes even routine public appearances both arduous and awkward.” 

Datamar: Obama Leads By Five in Florida

A new Datamar survey in Florida shows Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain, 49% to 44%.

Obama Continues Advertising Dominance

According to Nielsen, Sen. Barack Obama’s advertising in seven key swing states continues to surpass the number of ad units run by Sen. John McCain.

“In Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Obama placed 155% more ad units (62,022 vs. 24,273) than McCain between October 6 and October 26, 2008… Obama’s advertising continues to be heaviest in Florida, where he ran 18,909 ads between October 6 and October 26, outpacing McCain’s 5,702 ads by 232%.”

RNC Buys Ads in Montana

A Democratic media buying source tells Marc Ambinder — and Republicans confirm — that the RNC’s independent expenditure arm has bought television ads in Montana.

The state has three electoral votes and was won by President Bush by twenty points four years ago.

Fox News Poll: Obama Keeps Edge in Key Red States

The latest Fox News/Rasmussen swing state poll show the presidential race little changed from last week. The economy remains the most important issue in all six states. 

Colorado: Obama 50%, McCain 46%

Florida: Obama 51%, McCain 47%

Missouri: Obama 48%, McCain 47%

North Carolina: McCain 49%, Obama 48%

Ohio: Obama 49%, McCain 45%

Virginia: Obama 51%, McCain 47%

Temple Poll: Obama Ahead in Pennsylvania

A new Temple University poll in Pennsylvania shows Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain by nine points, 50% to 41%

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