The Day Few Thought Would Come

Frank Rich: “I cannot testify to what black Americans feel as our nation celebrates the inauguration of our first African-American president. But I can speak for myself, as a white American who grew up in the segregated nation’s capital of the 1960s. Barack Obama’s day is one that I never thought would come, and one that I still can’t quite believe is here.”

Quote of the Day

“To all of us who are liberals…”

—  Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, quoted by Ben Smith, who notes it’s once again safe to use the “L word.”

Presidential Command

Power, Leadership, and the Making of Foreign Policy from Richard Nixon to George W. BushJust published: Presidential Command by Peter Rodman.

Gary Hart: “For those who find comfort in believing their nation’s role in the world is being guided by sober, thoughtful, wise and judicious men and women, this book is not to be recommended. Indeed, its look at behind- the-scenes policy-making may give America’s enemies considerable comfort.”

Americans Expect Long Haul

CBS News/New York Times poll: “Most Americans said they did not expect real progress in improving the economy, reforming the health care system or ending the war in Iraq — three of the central promises of Mr. Obama’s campaign — for at least two years. The poll found that two-thirds of respondents think the recession will last two years or longer.”

No Surprises in Obama’s Speech

Obama adviser David Axelrod suggested on This Week that there would be few surprises in the new President’s inaugural speech.

Said Axelrod: “One thing about Barack Obama, his themes have been consistent not just through this campaign, but through his public life. From his convention speech in 2004 through today. So I don’t think you’re going to be surprised by what you hear. I think he’s going to talk about where we are as a country, but also who we are as a people. And what responsibilities accrue to us as a result of that. And what we have to do to move forward. I’m not going to handicap whether it’s going to be a great speech, a good speech or — but I have confidence in the message that he wants to deliver and I don’t think you’ll be surprised by it.”

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