Sarah Palin LIED! And We All Feel Really Shocked and Betrayed.

2 /02 2009    www.themudflats.net

Sarah Palin LIED.  It’s true.  I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say.  I know….(patting the back of your hand).  We all feel very betrayed, and stunned by this sudden change in character.  We thought we could trust her, but ooohhhhh we were so naive.  (shakes head and dabs eyes with hanky)
Here’s the whole sad story.
Seems like the RNC invited the Governor to attend their Winter Retreat in Washington, D.C. this past weekend.  Palin politely refused for a very good reason.  You see, the Alaska State Legislature meets for only 90 days a year.  That’s a mere 90 days to get a whole lot of work done.  It used to be that the session was 120 days long, but Alaska voters felt that this was allowing the Legislature too much time to accomplish the business of the state, so they cut out 30 days.
This means that noses go to the grindstone, shoulders go to the wheel, and other body parts go to the wall to get things accomplished in a very limited window of time.  So, Sarah Palin can’t just go traipsing all over the country for any old reason, even if it’s the RNC’s Winter Retreat.  It’s natural that they would want a nice inspirational speech from their recent Vice Presidential nominee, but they’re just going to have to understand that, and she told them so.  She does have her priorities.
Retreat organizers tell ABC News that Palin politely declined, giving a perfectly understandable reason.  According to the Congressional Institute, which hosted the conference, Palin said she simply could not make it to the retreat because pressing state business made it impossible for her to leave Alaska this weekend.
And what was this pressing business that kept her in the state?  Perhaps it was dealing with budget issues, or meeting with legislators, or mayors.  Perhaps she traveled to Emmonak, or another remote village whose residents are going cold and hungry this winter after the collapse of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery.  Perhaps she just wanted to be around in case the volcanic Mt. Redoubt blew its stack and dumped ash on Alaska’s biggest city.  There are just so many things….what could it be?
Waaaaait a minute,”  I hear you say as a little light bulb goes off over your head.  “I remember reading about her attending some swanky dinner party in Washington D.C. on Friday night at the home of a GOP fundraiser.  And she was filmed with Meghan Stapleton and that very same fundraiser, Fred Malek, arriving at the even swankier Alfalfa Club dinner on Saturday!”
Well, there’s no pulling one over on you, is there!  Apparently Palin assumed that the RNC just wouldn’t notice that their VP nominee was actually IN Washington D.C. when she told them she couldn’t possibly leave the state due to pressing business.  Ruh-roh. 
“She lied to us!” wailed one Republican at the retreat.
While this bald-faced lie apparently shocked and surprised some Republicans who obviously haven’t been paying very close attention to their adorable new “icon”, others were not particularly affected by Palin’s lie or by her  non-attendance at the event.
Quoth  House Republican Leader John Boehner, “Whatever.”
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