Palin Leaves on Negative Note

Though she was hailed as the most popular governor in America during the 2008 presidential campaign, Sarah Palin left her post this week with a plurality of Alaskans not happy with her.

According to a new Hays Research poll, 47.5% of Alaska voters have an unfavorable view of Palin while 46.8% are favorable.

Many Virginians Doubt Obama Citizenship

Public Policy Polling was skeptical of the results found by DailyKos/Research 2000 that fewer than half of Republicans believed President Obama was a natural born American citizen.

However, in a Virginia poll currently in the field, PPP finds that just 79 of the first 168 respondents — both Democrats and Republicans — think Obama is a citizen, while 56 say he is not and 33 are not sure.

Dodd Says He Has Cancer

Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) told the Hartford Courant he has been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer.

He is scheduled to undergo surgery during the Senate’s August recess and said he expects to be back at work after a “brief recuperation” at home.

The Battle for America 2008

Out next week: The Battle for America 2008 by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz.

The book “tells the story of the 2008 campaign from the inside out, with exclusive interviews with the candidates and their top strategists that produce intimate portraits of Obama, Clinton, and McCain.”

The Washington Post has advance excerpts.

Maloney Leaning Against Gillibrand Challenge

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) “is leaning heavily against” challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) in next year’s primary, Politico reports.

However, sources “cautioned that the mercurial Maloney — reportedly incensed by the efforts of the White House and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) to force her out of the race — hasn’t made a final decision.”

Maloney was supposed to announce her intentions earlier this week but backed off.

Can Tweets Sink Ships Too?

We’ve seen many politicians get themselves in trouble using government email accounts, but now we’re seeing those who get in trouble using Twitter.

According to CNN, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) — who also happens to be a Navy Reservist — sent several messages using Twitter while on active duty.

“Two questions are raised about these tweets. The first is whether or not Kirk revealed his location when he should not have (‘Loose lips sink ships’) and the second is whether or not his Twitter account goes against military regulations that state military members are not allowed to update or revise any ‘Web sites created before entry on active duty.'”

Quote of the Day

“He’s actually right. It is teachable. Here’s the lesson: Shut up.”

— Rudy Giuliani, in an interview on Fox News, on what President Obama should learn from getting involved in the Gates-Crowley dispute.

Democrats Prepare Plan B on Health Care

With health care reform sidetracked for another month, ABC News reports Democratic leaders “are quietly preparing for Plan B.” 

“Under the scenario now being discussed, bi-partisan talks would be aborted and parliamentary maneuvers used to force the bill through with a party-line vote.”

Interesting side note: The “Gang of Six” senators involved in bipartisan health care negotiations represent six states with a total of less than three percent of the U.S. population (Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Maine, New Mexico and Iowa).

Public Trusts Obama More on Health Care

Though Republicans succeeded in delaying votes on health care reform until at least after the August recess, polling data shows Americans still trusts President Obama significantly more on the issue.

The recent NYT/CBS News poll found that — by a 55% to 26% margin — Obama has better ideas on health care than Republicans.

Similarly, the new GWU Battleground survey found Obama with a 21 point lead over Republicans on who would better handle health care reform.

This is a huge advantage that will likely be hard for Republicans to overcome.

Obama Holds Cabinet Retreat

“At the six-month mark amid polls showing slipping public support for his ideas, President Barack Obama is convening the Cabinet for a two-day huddle,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Said spokesman Robert Gibbs: “It’s an opportunity for the president, the vice president, senior White House staff and Cabinet officials all to get together and talk about the agendas both past and forward, [and] how we can continue to work together to make progress.”

“The group will gather at Blair House and the White House Conference Center, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. They will dine together today and meet again Saturday.”

Fewer Than Half of Republicans Think Obama is a Citizen

A forthcoming DailyKos/Research 2000 poll found 77% of Americans believe President Obama was born in the United States, 11% do not, and 12% are not sure.

Among Republicans only, 42% think he’s an American citizen, 28% do not, and 30% are not sure.

Read more…

Hidden Phrases Found on Hutchison Web Site

The Austin American Statesman examined a web site for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R-TX) gubernatorial campaign and found it “have been juiced with the intent of drawing visitors with the help of more than 2,200 hidden phrases — including “rick perry gay.”

Hutchison will challenge Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) in a Republican primary for governor next year. 

A campaign spokesman “issued a statement that didn’t indicate how the phrases landed on the site, but said they weren’t condoned and would be removed.”

Axelrod Heads to the Hill

White House political adviser David Axelrod is set to hold a “private messaging session” with House Democrats today on the Hill before lawmakers leave for the August recess, Greg Sargent reports.

With a House health care bill closer to reality, “the battle will shift to a new phase: Selling it.”

Said a top House staffer: “We have a month where 256 members will be in their districts with a bill to sell. Axelrod is going to talk to them about getting out there and selling it. House Dems are going on the offensive in August.”

Dobbs Takes Ratings Hit

According to analysis of Nielsen data by the New York Observer, as criticism of Lou Dobbs has continued to rise over his questioning of President Obama’s citizenship, his ratings at CNN have continued to go down.

In fact, Dobbs’ audience has decreased 15% in total viewers and 27% in the all important age 25 to 54 demographic group since the start of the controversy.

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