No Photo of Barack and Bibi?

First Read: “The biggest event on President Obama’s schedule today is a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at 7:00 pm ET. The Israelis usually love to get their American presidential photo-ops, but Netanyahu won’t get one unless the White House releases an official photograph. Why? There is no pool spray or media moment between the two at all. Part of the reason is that the White House only agreed to meet Netanyahu in the last 48 hours, despite Netanyahu’s pleas for a meeting for weeks.”


Club for Growth Backs Rubio

St. Petersburg Times: “It would have been bigger news if the Club for Growth didn’t endorse Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate, but the endorsement announced today is still a big deal for Rubio. The PAC could funnel millions of dollars toward the Miami Republican’s campaign. The group concluded that A) Rubio can beat Charlie Crist in the primary and B) that he can beat Kendrick Meek in the general.”


Republicans Tied in Race to Challenge Boxer

A new Los Angeles Times/USC poll in California shows Carly Fiorina (R) and Chuck DeVore (R) each with 27% support among Republican primary voters in their race to face off with Sen. Barbra Boxer (D-CA) next year.


Pelosi Got It Done

First Read: “Speaker Pelosi deserves her due on Saturday’s vote. She had said she’d get this out of the House as soon as she had the votes. By going when she did, with another Dem in her pocket (the new seat in NY-23) and keeping the House in session over the weekend, she got it done. And she even quelled a potential uprising among the most pro-choice members of her caucus. It was an impressive performance; she had her share of backseat drivers in all parts of official Washington, and she pulled it off. By the way, the NEXT health care vote in the House should be easier to get, given that what comes out of conference (the “opt out” or the trigger) will likely be a tad easier for moderates to support. That said, the abortion issue could still end up a problem at some point in this process. But the way she navigated the bill over the weekend should re-shape the C.W. on her a tad.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times notes, the Speaker is a lot more pragmatic than her opponents admit. “Pelosi’s impulse to tilt at windmills disappeared and her pragmatic heritage came to the fore. That’s what enabled Pelosi to build a majority, one compromise at a time, including the pivotal deal with antiabortion Democrats.”

As we’ve long said, Pelosi is one of the most underrated politicians of our time.


Republicans Have a Growing Women Problem

Politico notes that the “growing schism between the Republican Party’s ascendant right wing and its shrinking moderate core has clear gender undertones” which “raises fresh questions about the GOP’s ability to recruit, elect and even tolerate the sort of moderate women who used to be part of its ruling mainstream.”

Key statistic: There are just 17 Republican women in the House today.

“And with less than a year to go before the 2010 midterm elections, Republicans have enlisted just 13 more to challenge Democratic incumbents. Even if all of them won, Republicans would have at most 30 women in the House — about half the number Democrats now have.”


Crunch Time

“The countdown is on. Excluding the Veterans Day and Thanksgiving recesses,” theNew York Times notes “lawmakers have just about four-and-a-half weeks to line up 60 votes in favor of the Senate’s plan to overhaul the health care system, hash out the differences — and there are plenty — between the two chambers’ versions and get a bill to President Obama’s desk by the end of the year.”

The first step: Senate Democrats hope to get a CBO score for the merged Senate bill later this week.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports the White House, “growing concerned that the Congressional timetable for passing a health care overhaul could slip into next year, is stepping up pressure on the Senate for quick action.”


About the Length of the Health Care Bill

Despite intense criticism of the size of the House health care bill — 1,990 pages! — a simple page count vastly overstates the actual length of bill.

For instance, a word analysis shows the bill is actually less than one-half of one percent of the entire U.S. Code. It’s essentially as long as a Harry Potter novel.


Low Turnout Didn’t Cause Democratic Losses

Charles Franklin: “The shifts in outcomes between the 2008 presidential and 2009 gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia were driven far more by shifts in voting preferences among groups than by changes in turnout across those groups. Only age groups show consistently substantial changes in relative share of the electorate. Vote preference, in comparison, shows quite large shifts between election years. While one narrative of the 2009 election was changing turnout motivation, this turns out to be substantially false. Instead, changes in candidate preference drove the Republican wins in both New Jersey and Virginia.”

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