Blumenthal Maintains Big Leads in Connecticut

A new Rasmussen survey in Connecticut shows Richard Blumenthal (D) blowing out his Republican competition for U.S. Senate.

Blumenthal leads Rob Simmons (R), 55% to 32%, tops Linda McMahon (R), 52% to 39%, and beats Peter Schiff (R), 54% to 29%.

Cantor Policy Group Fades Away

Roll Call reports that Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) has “suspended” a Republican policy group just “one year after its splashy launch in part because of the intense negative attention it received from the Democratic campaign committees and other groups after its introduction.”

The group “was intended to be a traveling forum of Republican leaders who could engage the public in a broad-ranging discussion of hot-button issues.”

Specter Still Leads by Single Digits

The latest Muhlenberg/Morning Call tracking poll in Pennsylvania shows Sen. Arlen Specter (D) leading challenger Joe Sestak (D) by five points in their U.S. Senate race, 45% to 40%.

Can Democrats Change Course?

Jonathan Chait looks at the narrowing enthusiasm gap and thinks Democrats “do have a chance to have a non-catastrophic election if the economy continues to rebound. But it’s pretty clear that the current trajectory is pointing to an epic GOP blowout. Democrats need a pretty sharp change in that trajectory.”

Rove, Gillespie Plot to Reclaim Power

“The Republican Party’s best-connected political operatives have quietly built a massive fundraising, organizing and advertising machine based on the model assembled by Democrats early in the decade, and with the same ambitious goal — to recapture Congress and the White House,” Politico reports.

“The new groups could give Republicans and their allies a powerful campaign apparatus separate from the Republican National Committee. Karl Rove, political architect of the Bush presidency, and Ed Gillespie, former Republican Party chairman, are the most prominent forces behind what is, in effect, a network of five overlapping groups, three of which were started in the past few months.”

Said Gillespie: “Where they have a chess piece on the board, we need a chess piece on the board. Where they have a queen, we shouldn’t have three pawns.”

Quote of the Day

“This is a really tough year for all incumbents because people are horrified by what they see coming out of Washington these days, and they don’t distinguish between people who vote no and people who vote yes.”

— Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), quoted by CNN, adding, “Thank goodness I’m not running this time.”

Britain Heads to the Polls

Polls in Britain opened “after a volatile and closely contested four-week campaign, with signs pointing to an outcome that could produce the most fragile government in a generation,” the Washington Post reports.

“Observers fear that the emergence of a divided Parliament in Britain could undermine attempts to slash the country’s huge budget deficit and perhaps spark a Greece-like debt crisis. Overdrawn Spain and Portugal already face similar crises of confidence.”

Reuters notes “the six latest newspaper polls put the Conservatives between six and nine percentage points ahead of Labor, making them the largest party, but denying them outright control.”

The BBC has streaming live coverage of the elections. Polls close at 5:00 pm ET.

Counting the Open Seats

Rep. David Obey’s (D-WI) surprise retirement means the Democrats will now have to defend 17 open seats in this year’s midterm elections. And, as Charlie Cook notes, 13 of these seats are very competitive.

By contrast, the Republicans have 20 open seats to defend but the vast majority are solidly Republican districts.

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