Quote of the Day

“As the attorney general of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I’m always amused to get a lecture on constitutional law from a self-certified ophthalmologist.”

— Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway (D), quoted by the Cincinnati Enquirer, in a debate with rival Rand Paul (R).

Miller Guards Handcuffed Journalist

Security guards for Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller (R) handcuffed and detained the editor of the Alaska Dispatch at a campaign event in Anchorage, theAnchorage Daily News reports.

Tony Hopfinger was handcuffed by the guards and detained in a hallway at a school until Anchorage police came and told the guards to release him.

Miller’s statement: “While I’ve gotten used to the blog Alaska Dispatch’s assault on me and my family, I never thought that it would lead to a physical assault. It’s too bad that this blogger would take advantage of a Town Hall meeting to create a publicity stunt just two weeks before the election.”

Will the Senate Flip?

“Since 1930, party control of the House has flipped seven times. And each time, Senate control has also switched,” Chris Cillizza observes.

“The reason is simple: Wave elections are, well, wave-y. If the voting public wants to send a message to the majority party, it tends to send it across the board, not just in a single chamber.”

Republicans need to turn 10 Democratic seats to take control and the Wall Street Journal notes the GOP “clearly leads in Arkansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That’s five.”

“Republicans would have to find the other five among these eight states: Illinois, Colorado, Nevada, Connecticut, California, Washington, Delaware and West Virginia.”


Angle Denies Latinos in Ad are Latinos

Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) defended her campaign advertisements that use images of dark-skinned men and a map of Mexico by claiming that the  “Latinos in her ad that are clearly Latinos may not be,” the Las Vegas Sun reports.

In fact, she suggested they may be terrorists coming over from Canada.

Said Angle: “I think that you’re misinterpreting those commercials. I’m not sure that those are Latinos in that commercial. What it is, is a fence and there are people coming across that fence. What we know is that our northern border is where the terrorists came through. That’s the most porous border that we have. We cannot allow terrorists; we cannot allow anyone to come across our border if we don’t know why they’re coming. So we have to secure all of our borders and that’s what that was about, is border security. Not just our southern border, but our coastal border and our northern border.”


Cuomo Headed for Landslide in New York

New York Times poll shows Andrew Cuomo (D) leading Carl Paladino (R) by a whopping 35 points, 59% to 24%, in the New York gubernatorial race.

Paladino’s recent controversial comments appear to have cost him dearly: “Some 59% of voters in the poll said that Mr. Paladino did not have the right temperament and personality to be a good governor, while 55% said that Mr. Paladino, a novice candidate who made millions as a real estate developer, did not have the right kind of experience.”

“Only 11% of voters in the poll had a favorable view of Mr. Paladino. And when asked what comes to mind when they hear his name, voters offered a collection of negative personality traits, like “angry,” “bigoted” or ‘obnoxious.'”

Widespread Fraud Again in Afghanistan Election

The New York Times is reporting that Afghanistan’s recent parliamentary elections suffered from so much fraud that as many as 25% of the ballots cast may have to be nullified.

“The fraud, which included ballot-box stuffing, citizens forced to cast their votes at gunpoint, corrupt election officials and security forces complicit with corrupt candidates, is expected to mean that 800,000 to a million votes will be nullified, according to two Western officials who are following the election closely.”

“he Afghan Independent Election Commission, which oversees the counting, has refused to disclose the number of votes that could be thrown out, but said in a statement that it had decided to nullify wholly or partially the votes cast at 430 polling places, and that votes at another 830 sites were being audited, suggesting substantial problems.”

Last year, similar allegations shook the country’s presidential election.

Lee Headed for Easy Win in Utah

A new Deseret News/KSL-TV poll finds Mike Lee (R) continues to outpace Sam Granato (D) in the race for U.S. Senate, 53% to 31%.

Bonus Quote of the Day

“Who cares? I want to get a tow truck and tow it away, just as we had to get a tow truck to pull the economy of our country out of the ditch that the Republicans drove us into.”

— House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), quoted by CBS Sunday Morning, when asked for her reaction to the “Fire Pelosi” bus that the RNC is driving around the country.

Before Jim Greer Fell

The St. Petersburg Times has a must-read piece on the incredible rise of former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer.

“His current predicament is widely known. Much less discussed — in fact never before told — is how Greer ascended to such prominence in the first place. He is a man with limited education and a past that includes resume fibs and racy run-ins with the police — also, though, an undeniable ability to shake the right hands, meet the right people and charm the ones who had what he wanted.”

Quote of the Day

“You can choose who your partner is. I think that birth has an influence, like alcoholism and some other things… But I think that, basically, you have a choice.”

— Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck (R), in a debate on Meet the Press, when pressed on his view that being gay is a choice.

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