Bonus Quote of the Day

“He needs to get rid of some of his consultants. I saw this with Romney four years ago and I’m seeing it with Pawlenty now: over coached, over consulted. Get rid of ’em!”

— Mike Huckabee, talking to Laura Ingraham, about Tim Pawlenty’s poor debate performance.

How Rich is Your Representative?

The Washington Post has a nice searchable database of the most recent financial disclosures.

Conservative Talk Payola

Politico reports that prominent conservative advocacy groups are paying “hefty sponsorship fees” to three popular talk radio hosts: Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

“Those fees buy them a variety of promotional tie-ins, as well as regular on-air plugs — praising or sometimes defending the groups, while urging listeners to donate — often woven seamlessly into programming in ways that do not seem like paid advertising.”

Porn Star Says Weiner Asked Her to Lie

Porn star Ginger Lee said she had an e-mail relationship with embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and that he urged her to lie about their exchanges in the hope that a scandal surrounding him would die down, Reuters reports.

Said Lee: “I think that Anthony Weiner should resign because he lied. He lied to the public and the press for more than a week. If he lied about this, I can’t have much faith in him about anything else.”

UpdateTMZ reports “it really pays to be at the center of a national controversy — we’re told Ginger is getting THREE TIMES her normal stripping rate to appear tonight.”


Romney Pulls Closer in General Election Match Up

A new Public Policy Polling national survey finds Mitt Romney has pulled to within two points of President Obama at 47% to 45%, the closest he’s been in 7 months. The rest of the Republicans tested all trail the Obama by double digits.

Support for Gingrich Plunges

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds just 32% of Republican primary voters viewed Newt Gingrich positively as compared to 50% in April. Over the same time period, the share of GOP voters who view him negatively has jumped to 34%, up from just 13% in April.

Berkley Leads Heller in Nevada

A new DSCC poll in Nevada by Mark Mellman finds Rep. Shelley Berkley (D) leading Sen. Dean Heller (R) in the U.S. Senate race by five points, 42% to 37%.

Before partisans discount it, Jon Ralston notes the following: “1. Mellman knows Nevada. His surveys for Harry Reid in 2010 were unerring. 2. The results are not that surprising and virtually mirror what he found in March.”

Smiling But Not Happy

Former Sen. John Edwards’ mugshot was released after he pleaded not guilty last week to campaign finance violations.


Flashback Quote of the Day

“Certainly, you are not going to see a great philosophical difference between Rick Perry and George Bush.”

— Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), quoted by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, in December 2000.

As Perry mulls a presidential bid, Dan Amira notes it’s “hard to claim you’re nothing like Bush after saying something like that.”

Cartoon of the Day


Porn Star to Discuss Weiner Chats

One of the women who corresponded online with Rep. Anthony Weiner — former porn star Ginger Lee — will hold a news conference in New York early this afternoon “to discuss the interactions with the embattled lawmaker,” ABC News reports.

Lee will be accompanied by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

With Weiner’s wife back from a trip abroad Politico reports on “a new round of speculation that the New York Democrat’s resignation could come soon.”

Romney Skips Ahead

The New Hampshire Union Leader didn’t like Mitt Romney’s overconfidenceyesterday noting, “Governor, you won a debate, not an election.”

“Gov. Romney, the candidate without a necktie, might be forgetting that Granite Staters prefer hard-working and humble to high-falutin’ and haughty. It would serve him well to remember.”

Obama Approval Bump Now Over

Gallup finds President Obama’s job approval rating averaged 46% for the last week, a significant decline from his weekly averages for most of May and nearly back to the level before Osama bin Laden’s death on May 1.

Giuliani Still Mulling Presidential Bid

First Read reports that Rudy Giuliani is breaking bread with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie:

“Here’s what we can report on Rudy: Today’s lunch meeting came at Rudy’s request to discuss 2012; he’s seriously thinking about a presidential bid; he doesn’t think Mitt Romney should get a free ride to the GOP nomination; and he believes that none of the other Republicans who shared the stage with Romney are ready to give him a run for his money. The bottom line on all of this Huntsman/Perry/Christie/Rudy activity: There’s a clear opening — if not burning desire — for more Republicans to get into the presidential race. Giuliani, of course, is trying to both get Christie’s blessing and find out how solid of a “NO” the New Jersey governor is.”

Meanwhile, Politico reports Giuliani is also having a private meeting today with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Will Paul Ryan Run for President?

He’s not even a candidate but the Weekly Standard notes Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) was mentioned by name ten separate times in the GOP presidential debate by five different people: Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, John King, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain.

Jonathan Chait: “Ryan has come to dominate the Republican Party’s agenda and has personally become a totem — a sort of mini-Reagan figure, frequently cited as credibility by others and never attacked… I continue to think that the prospects of Ryan running are higher than most estimate, and that he would almost instantly attain front-runner status. In the meantime, he seems to almost dominate the current presidential candidates through his absence.”

Court Reinstates Wisconsin Law

Acting with “unusual speed,” the Wisconsin Supreme Court “ordered the reinstatement of Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial plan to end most collective bargaining for tens of thousands of public workers,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinelreports.

“The court found that a committee of lawmakers was not subject to the state’s open meetings law, and so did not violate that law when it hastily approved the collective bargaining measure in March and made it possible for the Senate to take it up. In doing so, the Supreme Court overruled a Dane County judge who had halted the legislation, ending one challenge to the law even as new challenges are likely to emerge.”

How Obama Rewarded Big Campaign Donors

Nearly 200 of President Obama’s biggest campaign donors — the “bundlers” that raised at least $50,000 — have “landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events,” an investigation by iWatch News has found.

Most Offensive Political Ad Ever?

A new web video in the CA-36 special election between Janice Hahn (D) and Craig Huey (R) “is dropping jaws at the Democratic candidate’s headquarters and prompting calls for a bipartisan condemnation of the shockingly negative attack,”TPM reports.

“Simply put, the ad is Willie Horton on steroids. The 90-second clip accuses Hahn of being too cozy with gang criminals in the past, a charge she’s faced for a while and her campaign says has been thoroughly debunked.”

The election is on July 12.

See more…

Who’s to Blame for the Nation’s Debt?

The Washington Post has an excellent interactive chart that shows 75% of lawmakers currently serving in Congress voted for at least one — and in most cases more than one — of three policies that contributed to fully one-third of the $12.7 trillion swing from projected surpluses to real debt: President Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and President Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill.

Quote of the Day

“I’m 100% certain I’m not going to run.”

— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), in an interview with Piers Morgan, on a possible 2012 presidential bid.

Casey in Good Shape in Pennsylvania

A new Quinnipiac poll in Pennsylvania finds Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) in good shape for re-election with voters saying by a 47% to 31% margin that he deserves another term.

Running against an unnamed Republican challenger, Casey wins 47% to 32%.

Said pollster Tim Malloy: “You can’t beat somebody with nobody and right now nobody is emerging as a possible Republican challenger to Sen. Bob Casey.”

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