Support for Recall of Walker Fades a Bit

On the day of two more state senate recall races in Wisconsin, a new Public Policy Polling survey finds public sentiment is moving against a recall of Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Key findings: 50% of Wisconsin voters generally oppose a recall of Walker, compared to 47% in favor.

That said, Walker could still be in pretty big trouble if former Sen. Russ Feingold (D) challenged him. The survey shows Feingold would lead Walker, 52% to 45%.


Hatch Opens Wide Lead Over Chaffetz

A new Mason-Dixon poll in Utah finds Sen. Orin Hatch (R-UT) leading potential primary challenger Rep. Jason Chaffetz by double digits, 49% to 39%.

In general election match ups, Hatch leads Jim Matheson (D), 48% to 43%, while Chaffetz leads Matheson, 49% to 43%.

More Candidates to Come?

Karl Rove told Fox News that he thinks there may be more GOP candidates jumping into the presidential race.

Said Rove: “Palin has got a pretty active schedule in early September. I think Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are going to look at it again, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all three of them gave serious consideration to it.”

Did Perry Go Too Far?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, campaigning in Iowa, said it would be “almost treacherous — or treasonous” for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to increase stimulus spending before the 2012 election, Bloomberg reports.

Said Perry: “If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I don’t know what you would do with him. We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous — or treasonous in my opinion.”

First Read: “Those comments — especially those regarding the Fed — must be making some folks on Wall Street and in the GOP establishment very nervous right now. Bernanke, after all, was an original Bush appointee. The question becomes: Do Perry’s remarks disqualify him among some in the GOP establishment? Or is this where the Republican primary voters are right now? Perry supporters will argue that he was joking and simply Perry being Perry. The importance of getting establishment money and support will be known later today if somehow we hear the slightest walk-back of the Bernanke comments. Bottom line: We got a glimpse of the Perry that some Romney supporters believe will be the Texan’s undoing. It also won’t quiet the Ryan-Christie speculation.”


Bachmann Uses Family Reunion She Skipped as Excuse

“On her victory lap of Iowa yesterday, Straw Poll winner Rep. Michele Bachmann paid repeated tribute to her local roots, and repeatedly mentioned her family reunion that day, citing it as an excuse for her late arrival at a local party event in Waterloo,” Ben Smithreports.

“But Bachmann’s mother and two cousins told Politico‘s Emily Schultheis that Bachmann didn’t attend the reunion, though her husband and children did. Her spokeswoman, Alice Stewart, didn’t respond to two emails asking for an explanation of the disparity.

Perry Dismisses Bush Comparisons

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said it was unfair to make comparisons between himself and former president George W. Bush, CNN reports, noting that “I am Rick Perry and he is George Bush. And our records are quite different.”

Asked what the biggest difference is, Perry responded: “I went to Texas A&M. He went to Yale.”

He did not answer when pressed to name a policy difference.

Is Obama’s Spokesman a Liability?

Brad Phillips says White House press secretary Jay Carney is not up to the job.

“Carney seems incapable of parrying successfully with the press. He regularly appears outmatched by reporters and fails to take control of the interaction when presented an easy opportunity to do so. He takes questions too literally, gets bogged down in the details, and fumbles to find his way to a higher-level response. He stammers, shifts his eyes uncomfortably, licks his lips, and loads his delivery with ‘uhhs,’ ‘umms’ ‘I thinks,’ and ‘you knows.’ He sounds timid, looks uncomfortable, and comes across more like an eager student than an experienced spokesperson capable of advancing President Obama’s agenda. If you believe as I do that presidents deserve to be served by spokespersons that represent them well, Mr. Carney has got to go.”

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