Recalled Lawmaker Arrested for Drunk Driving

Recently recalled Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper (R) allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test following a drunken driving arrest over the weekend, according to theFond du Lac Reporter.


Romney Holding Off Cain Surge in Florida

A new InsiderAdvantage/Florida Times-Union poll in Florida finds Mitt Romney barely leading Herman Cain, 33% to 30%.

They are followed by Newt Gingrich at 12%, Rick Perry at 3%, Ron Paul at 3% and Michele Bachmann at 1%.

Said pollster Matt Towery: “Our last poll of Florida was when Rick Perry was red hot, right after he first joined the race some weeks ago. He now barely has a heartbeat.”


Romney Keeps Lead in New Hampshire

A new InsiderAdvantage/Newsmax poll in New Hampshire finds Mitt Romney with a solid lead over Herman Cain in the GOP presidential race, 39% to 24%.

The rest of the field: Ron Paul at 11%, Michele Bachmann at 5%, Newt Gingrich at 5%, Jon Huntsman at 5% and Rick Perry at 2%.

Said pollster Matt Towery: “It’s no shock to see Romney in the lead here, given that he is from nearby Massachusetts. But to see Cain in a solid second place comes as a bit of a shock to me. He picks up most of his support from men, while Romney does well with women and voters over 65 years old.”


Cain Ahead in Iowa

A new InsiderAdvantage/Newsmax poll in Iowa finds Herman Cain leading with 26%, followed by Mitt Romney at 18%, Newt Gingrich at 12%, Michele Bachmann at 11%, Ron Paul at 10% and Rick Perry at 6%.

Said pollster Matt Towery: “This isn’t a surprise, given that Iowa is conservative and Cain has worked the state hard. While he is tied with Romney with women, Cain leads substantially among men. He also does better among younger voters.”


Quote of the Day

“I don’t talk politician.”

— Herman Cain, quoted by Reuters, which described his presidential campaign as a “fly by the seat of your pants” operation with thin staffing in early voting states.


Feinstein Embezzlement Nearly $5 Million

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) most recent campaign finance report says she is missing nearly $4.7 million because of unauthorized disbursements by her former campaign treasurer, Kinde Durkee, the AP reports.


Romney Holds Narrow Lead Over Cain Nationally

A new CNN/Opinion Research national poll finds Mitt Romney just edging Herman Cain in the Republican presidential race, 26% to 25%, with Rick Perry at 13%, Ron Paul at 9%, New Gingrich at 8%, Michele Bachmann at 6%, Rick Santorum at 2% and Jon Huntsman at 1%.


Lip Reading Mitt Romney  (These are funny!)

The latest in the bad lip reading video series features Mitt Romney.

In case you missed them, there were previous videos for Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann.

See more…






Obama Targets a Few Key States

In addition to his bus trip this week through North Carolina and Virginia, the Wall Street Journal notes President Obama will “will visit another key region, the Mountain West, next week, where Hispanic voters helped put Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico in the president’s column in 2008.”

“The focus on both regions is meant to give the president multiple routes to victory and to reduce his dependence on Ohio and Florida, the giant electoral prizes that have long defined presidential politics. The Obama campaign still plans to fight for both, but its climb has become steeper, as polls show that many working-class white voters have soured on the president.”

” “A campaign official noted that if Mr. Obama were to win all the states Democrat John Kerry took in 2004, he would claim an Electoral College majority in 2012 if he could win both North Carolina and Virginia, or one of those states plus Colorado and Nevada. Democrats won none of those states in 2000 or 2004, but Mr. Obama won all four in 2008.”


Scrutiny Comes Next for Cain

New York Times: “Herman Cain found out how tricky being in the national spotlight is on Sunday as he was pushed to admit that his signature economic plan, 9-9-9, would result in increased taxes for some people. The Republican presidential candidate also sought to back away from fiery comments he had made just hours earlier, saying he was only joking about killing people trying to cross the border from Mexico with an electrified fence… Beyond that, Mr. Cain acknowledged that he was unfamiliar with the neoconservative movement, and was not exactly sure what the word ‘neoconservative’ meant.”


Will Perry Make Mormonism a Wedge Issue in Primary?

The Daily Beast has obtained a series of emails that show an influential evangelical activist with close ties to Rick Perry’s presidential campaign stressing the political importance of “juxtaposing traditional Christianity to the false God of Mormonism,” and calling for a “clarion call to Evangelical pastors and pews” that will be “the key to the primary” for Perry.


Beshear Ramps Up In Final Stretch

The Kentucky gubernatorial election, scheduled for November 8, seems to be firmly in the hands of Gov. Steve Beshear (D).

Recent polls indicate that Beshear is headed for a landslide victory and The Hotline notes that Beshear’s “campaign has already purchased television time for the final weeks for the campaign at a time when he’s still sitting on over $1 million in his warchest, having brought in about $4 million since May. Williams only raised $1 million since May and has few resources going down the homestretch to compete with Beshear on the airwaves.”


Perry Campaign Enters Next Phase

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is about to enter a second phase after a rocky start that featured his meteoric rise and cratering fall in polls in less than two months, reports theWashington Post.

“Perry’s campaign has struggled because of its late start, which has forced officials to juggle priorities. A series of debates in the first two months of the governor’s candidacy not only showed a sometimes ill-prepared contender but also ate up precious time that could have been spent on fundraising or retail campaigning in Iowa or South Carolina… After Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, there will be a hiatus in candidate forums. Perry will then be free to get back to what his advisers believe he does best. He will have an opportunity to lay out his plans and show where he wants to take the country. He will have the chance to put his money into action through TV commercials that his advisers believe have always been the key to his success as a candidate.”


Romney Ahead in Nevada

A new Project New West poll in Nevada shows Mitt Romney leading the GOP field with 31%, followed by Herman Cain at 26% and Rick Perry at 12%.

The rest of the GOP field: Newt Gingrich at 7%, Ron Paul at 7%, Michele Bachmann at 4%, Rick Santorum at 2% and Jon Huntsman at 1%.


Cain Way Ahead in South Carolina

A new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll in South Carolina finds Herman Cain with a decisive lead in the Republican primary. Cain leads with 32%, followed by Mitt Romney at 16% and Rick Perry at 12%.

Said pollster Matt Towery: “In this case, South Carolina is a three-man race.”

Rounding out the field: Newt Gingrich is at 8%, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann are both at 6% and Jon Huntsman has 1%. Four percent of those surveyed favored someone not listed in the choices, and 15% remain undecided.


Obama Kicks Off Bus Tour in North Carolina

President Obama will kick off a three-day bus tour today in North Carolina to urge passage of individual pieces of the American Jobs Act after it failed to pass the Senate last week, reports the Raleigh News and Observer.

Meanwhile, Politico provides a political guide for the trip, noting that “the trip’s itinerary suggests nothing so much as his 2012 game plan plotted onto a map of the Upper South and with the American Jobs Act, which polls well among all but the most conservative voters, as a selling point.”

The Washington Post notes the White House “emphasizes that this is strictly an official trip — paid for by the government and focusing on the president’s jobs plan and not campaign politics — but the destinations should leave little doubt about what the states mean to Obama, who has made a habit of mixing official business with swing state visits.”


GOP Candidates Skipping Nevada

With Tuesday’s Republican presidential primary debate in Las Vegas and the recentprimary date flap between Nevada and New Hampshire, the Los Angeles Times looks at the Republican field’s lack of campaigning in Nevada.

“Most of the GOP candidates have written off Nevada, believing that Romney has the state locked up after easily winning here four years ago. Of those boycotting — an effort to win favor with New Hampshire officials who want Nevada to caucus later — only Cain was potentially competitive in the state. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who entered the race in mid-August, has the support of the state’s governor, Brian Sandoval, and his political team. Paul also has a presence in the state and a following among the tea party faithful, who hold considerable sway in Nevada. No candidate, however, has worked the state harder than Romney, who has a built-in base of support in the state’s large Mormon population.”


Obama Campaign Spends Big Early

The New York Times breaks down the massive spending numbers coming out of President Obama’s reelection campaign, as the president takes advantage of his huge fundraising hauls “to bankroll a sprawling grass-roots organization and information technology apparatus in critical general election battlegrounds.”

“Since the beginning of the year, Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee, for which the president is helping raise money to finance his party’s grass-roots efforts, have spent close to $87 million in operating costs… That amount is about as much as all the current Republican candidates together have raised so far in this campaign… In just the last three months, according to the filings, the Obama campaign has spent more on payroll, more than $4 million, than several of the Republican candidates have raised. The president is already paying staff employees in at least 38 states, including Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico and North Carolina. His Chicago campaign headquarters hums with more than 200 paid aides.”

“The gap in spending underscores facts easily lost amid the president’s low approval ratings, his challenges in winning over independent voters and the gridlock he faces in Washington: Mr. Obama brings unmatched financial resources to the campaign trail, and a team with a well-honed sense of where and how to deploy money, people and technology.”


Hard Hit Donors Still Backing Obama

An Associated Press analysis of Obama’s fundraising since April found “his supporters opened their wallets more often this election cycle in places with the worst unemployment rates. That’s compared with the same period four years ago, just months before the country was thrust into a major recession.”

“The new numbers suggest GOP candidates will have to make a harder sell on the gravity of the nation’s 9.1 percent unemployment rate, an issue that has bedeviled Obama throughout his term.”


DeMint Likely to Back Romney

Mitt Romney is the favorite to receive Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) much-sought-after endorsement in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Roll Call reports.

“DeMint, who endorsed the former Massachusetts governor in 2008, made clear in an interview late last week that he has made no decisions on whom he will support in the 2012 primary. But Republican operatives familiar with the DeMint-Romney relationship and privy to the conservative Senator’s private assessment of the GOP field believe Romney is the most likely candidate to receive the backing of the tea party favorite.”

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