Mack Will Run for U.S. Senate

Rep. Connie Mack (R-FL) has changed his mind and decided to enter the U.S. Senate race for the seat currently held by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), Politico reports.

Miami Herald: “Mack brings a big name to the campaign. His father was a U.S. Senator from Florida. Mack, as a sitting congressman, can tap vast resources in D.C. Right now, though he has about $300,000 in campaign cash. His wife, Mary Bono Mack, is also a member of Congress and was married to 70s singer-turned-congressman Sonny Bono before his death. She, too, can help with fundraising.”


Olver Will Retire at End of Term

Rep. John Olver (D-MA), who has been the subject of retirement speculation for years, announced that he will not seek re-election, Roll Call reports.

“Olver’s decision eases the burden on Massachusetts legislators drawing a new Congressional map. The Bay State lost a seat in reapportionment, and the state redistricting committee was faced with the difficult decision of which Democratic Member to draw out. It now appears likely that the two westernmost districts in the state, the 1st and 2nd, will be combined.”


Nevada Senate Race a Dead Heat

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Nevada finds Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV) has moved into a tie with Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) in the U.S. Senate race at 45% each.

Berkley trailed by as much as 13 points earlier this year.


Romney Leads or Ties in First Four States

New CNN/Time/Opinion Research polls find Mitt Romney continues to be the overwhelming front-runner in New Hampshire, leads in Florida, and is statistically tied for the top spot with Herman Cain in Iowa and South Carolina.

Iowa: Romney leads Cain 24 to 21%, followed by Paul at 12%, Perry at 10%, Gingrich at 10%, and Bachmann at 6%.

New Hampshire: Romney leads Cain 40 to 13%, followed by Paul at 12%, Huntsman at 6%, Gingrich at 5%, and Perry at 4%.

South Carolina: Romney leads Cain 25 to 23%, followed by Paul at 12%, Perry at 11%, Gingrich at 8%, and Bachmann at 4%,

Florida: Romney leads Cain 30 to 18%, followed Gingrich at 9%, Perry at 9%, Paul at 6% and Bachmann at 4%.


Voters Split on Recalling Walker

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Wisconsin finds Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) approval rate improved to 47%, making the prospect of recalling him much tougher. In May, just 40% approved of him.

Voters are still split on the possible recall with 48% supporting it and 49% opposed

The biggest obstacle: finding a Democrat strong enough to unseat him.


Cain, Romney Lead in Arizona

A new Rocky Mountain Poll in Arizona finds Herman Cain edging Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential race, 25% to 24%, with Rick Perry way back at 10% and all other candidates in the single digits.

Arizona could be a key state in the battle for the Republican nomination, as the state has moved up the date of its primary to February 28.

In general election match ups, Obama leads Romney by 45 to 40%, tops Perry by 44% to 38% and beats Cain by 45% to 38%.


Perry Was Joking About Obama’s Citizenship

In an interview with Bay News 9 in Florida, Rick Perry clarified that he has “no doubt” that President Obama was born in the United States, saying that he was only kidding around when he voiced doubts earlier this week.

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No Bubble

Dave Weigel: “There’s a popular going theory in the punditocracy now: Cain’s just proving that every outsider candidate will get a bubble. Today, Cain, tomorrow Santorum. I don’t buy it. The Cain/Gingrich un-campaigns are succeeding because they understand how the media works. Just look at how they’ve spent the last decade… In the last 10 years, Cain and Gingrich have learned to make bold pronouncements and endorse wild gimmicks… They run their policy shops the way a contrarian editor might run his magazine. It works.”


Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

“We’re down to paid staffers and blood relatives.”

— Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), commenting on a recent poll showing the congressional approval rate at just 9%.


Colbert Takes On Cain

Stephen Colbert takes a hilarious look at Herman Cain’s new and unconventional ad.

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Romney Backtracks on Ohio Law

After declining to comment on Ohio’s collective-bargaining law, Mitt Romney today said he apologizes for the confusion, adding that he supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich “110%”, according to NBC News.

Said Romney: “I’m sorry if I created any confusion in that regard. I fully support Gov. Kasich’s, I think it’s called Question 2, in Ohio. Fully support that.”


Supreme Court to Take Up Health Care Reform Law

SCOTUS Blog: “The Supreme Court will take its first look at the challenges to the new federal health care law at its Conference on Thursday, November 10.  Five of the six pending petitions (the sixth is not ready yet) were distributed to the Justices’ chambers on Wednesday, for consideration at that private session.  Although a grant of review is not assured, that is highly likely, since all sides agree that the Court should take on the controversy, and the constitutionality of a key provision of the new law has been decided differently by federal appeals courts.”


The Best Little Whore In Texas

Matt Taibbi says Rick Perry’s track record as Texas governor reveals his only real passion: selling off government to the highest bidder.

“In an era when there’s exponentially more money in politics than we’ve ever seen before, Perry is the candidate who is exponentially more willing than we’ve ever seen before to whore himself out for that money. Even scarier, the religious community around which he has chosen to pull his human chameleon act features some of the most extreme end-is-nigh nutcases in America, the last people you want influencing the man with the nuclear football. Perry is a human price tag — Being There meets Left Behind. And sometimes there’s nothing more dangerous than nothing at all.”


The Return of Soft Money

Rick Hasen looks at the rise of Super PACs — and Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) attempt to create his own — and notes they’re just a Trojan horse for the re-emergence of soft money in our political system.

“The result of all this is that federal campaign finance law is unraveling even faster than pessimists expected after Citizens United.”


Running in the Wrong District

Rob Cornilles (R), a candidate in the special election to fill former Rep. David Wu’s (D-OR) vacant House seat, has a new ad that features him jogging through Oregon’s 1st congressional district.

But as James Allen notes, Cornilles takes a detour halfway through the ad and is actually running in the wrong district.

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Bonus Quote of the Day

“I never think ahead.”

— Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), quoted by the Columbus Dispatch, when asked if he has “a back-up plan” if his attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from government workers is voted down next month.


Obama on the Tonight Show

In case you missed it, President Obama had a mostly serious and sometimes funny appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

Lloyd Grove: “It was, as far as it went, a politically effective appearance. The underlying reality is still pretty daunting — the lousy economy, chronically high unemployment, and no clear notion that things will get better — but the president made of the most of it. The constant applause for nearly every syllable he uttered might have annoyed some of the independents that the White House is so eager to win back, but that’s a small point. Obama is ready-made for this format: charming, relaxed, sober where appropriate (as when he was talking about Gaddafi’s death or the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq) and suitably cool in the McLuhanesque sense.”

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Who’s Calling Who Extremist?

Jon Stewart highlights televangelist Pat Robertson’s recent comments that the Republican presidential field might be “too extreme.”

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Obama Meets with Hollywood Influencers

President Obama “stopped for an undisclosed meeting with some of the entertainment industry’s high-level executives” before leaving California yesterday, according to theHollywood Reporter.

“The event was not a fundraiser, and attendees were not asked to donate to the Obama reelection campaign. But those invited have been ardent supporters of the president and were identified as ‘influencers’ with the ability to help Obama shape the national political conversation heading into a tough race in 2012.”


Obama Wrote Fewer Rules Than Bush

Despite being accused of stifling job creation by imposing new rules on businesses,Bloomberg notes that President Obama’s White House “has approved fewer regulations than his predecessor George W. Bush at this same point in their tenures, and the estimated costs of those rules haven’t reached the annual peak set in fiscal 1992 under Bush’s father.”


Perry Tries to Re-Kill Birther Discussion

After Rick Perry revived the issue of President Obama’s birthplace months after Obama released a copy of his birth certificate, the Washington Post reports that Perry has backed off and called it “one of the biggest distractions that there is going.”

Kicker: “But Perry wouldn’t answer a reporter’s direct question about whether he believed the president was born in the United States. Obama’s birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii.”


Cain Leads GOP Pack in Ohio

A new Quinnipiac poll in Ohio shows that Herman Cain has jumped to the front of the line among GOP presidential contenders with 28%, followed by Mitt Romney at 23%, Ron Paul at 8%, Newt Gingrich at 7%, Rick Perry at 4%, Michele Bachmann at 4%, Jon Huntsman at 2% and Rick Santorum at 1%.

Ohio voters also say by a 49% to 44% margin that President Obama does not deserve a second term, but he still leads all of his prospective GOP challengers in the key swing state.


Quote of the Day

“Everything worries me in this environment. Nobody’s gotten elected with these kinds of numbers. So, I’m worried in the general election. I profoundly admit that.”

— James Carville, in a radio interview with Scott Hennen.

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Lee Wants His Own Super PAC

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has asked the FEC “to allow him to accept unlimited funds from corporations and the wealthy in a political action committee that he would use to support like-minded conservatives running for Congress,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

“In essence, the freshman senator from Utah wants to be the first sitting officeholder to directly run his own super PAC.”

“The law now prohibits candidates or officeholders from soliciting donations that go beyond federal limits, either for themselves or for another political entity.”


Wealthiest Doubled Their Share of Nation’s Income

A new CBO report finds the top 1% of earners more than doubled their share of the nation’s income over the last three decades.

New York Times: “In its report, the budget office found that from 1979 to 2007, average inflation-adjusted after-tax income grew by 275 percent for the 1 percent of the population with the highest income. For others in the top 20 percent of the population, average real after-tax household income grew by 65 percent.”

“By contrast, the budget office said, for the poorest fifth of the population, average real after-tax household income rose 18 percent. And for the three-fifths of people in the middle of the income scale, the growth in such household income was just under 40 percent.”

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