Trump Plans Major Announcement

Donald Trump plans “a major announcement” tomorrow in Nevada which “will pertain to the Presidential race,” Politico reports.

Wall Street Journal: “Mr. Trump loves to keep people guessing — and elbowing his way into the headlines. Perhaps the best question, if he’s not throwing his hat in the ring, is whether the candidate who receives his endorsement actually wants his backing.”

Update: The New York Times reports Trump will endorse Newt Gingrich.


Bush’s Legacy

Rod Dreher: “Can you find a single significant point on which Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum differ substantially from George W. Bush? It’s amazing. If Bush were considered a successful president, they would be bringing him up all the time. That they do not, even as they have an incumbent Democrat they deride as a failure, tells you that they know Bush and his legacy are poison. And yet, they may not believe in Bush, but they sure believe in what he stood for. And so does the GOP base, evidently.”


Romney’s Most Awkward Moments

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s stumble about the poor, the Daily Beast compiles videos of “classic Mitt-isms.”


Super PACs Could Be GOP Advantage

Noreen Malone looks at the latest Super PAC financial disclosures:

“Republican groups outraised their Democratic counterparts by four to one, a fairly incredible ratio. This could very well be a year in which, stunningly, an incumbent gets outspent by the challenger.”

Meanwhile, Politico reports the Obama re-election campaign is using this news as a fundraising tool.


McCaskill In Trouble for Re-Election

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Missouri finds that Sen. Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) approval numbers have hit their lowest mark since the summer of 2010 and that she no longer leads any of her potential Republican opponents for reelection.

McCaskill’s approval rate is 42% to 49% and her only saving grace is that her Republican opponents are not well known or well liked. She finds herself tied at 43% with Todd Akin (R), John Brunner (R) and Sarah Steelman (R) alike.


Obama Favors Interviews Over Impromptu Q&As

The New York Times reports on a new study which finds that President Obama has been interviewed a total of 408 times in his first three years as president. In comparison, President George W. Bush had given 136 interviews at the same period in his presidency, and President Bill Clinton had given 166.

However, Mr. Obama has comparatively avoided Q.&A.s with scrums of reporters, answering questions at 94 photo opportunities and other such sessions in his first three years. Mr. Bush had spoken at 307 such sessions after three years in office, and Mr. Clinton, 493.


Why Romney’s Latest Gaffe is Important

Mitt Romney’s unforced error this morning isn’t likely to derail his campaign but it certainly adds to the impression he doesn’t care much about people.

First Read: “All political candidates — just like all non-politicians — make verbal gaffes… But in politics, what becomes damaging is when a verbal gaffe fits a pre-existing narrative.”

Jonathan Chait: “It may not be true that, at a personal level, Romney doesn’t care about the poor. He probably does. But his platform doesn’t. In that sense, his slip-up was a gaffe in the classic sense of admitting what he actually thinks.”

Andrew Sullivan: “Just because Romney looks smooth doesn’t mean he is. He is often a dreadfully inept candidate.”


Obama Improves in Ohio

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows President Obama has broken even with Ohio voters: 48% now approve of him with an equal 48% disapproving. His net approval in the key battleground state has increased 8 points from 41% to 49% since early November.

Meanwhile, Obama’s leading rival is moving backward. Just 28% of Ohioans have a favorable opinion of Mitt Romney to 56% with a negative one. As a result, Obama leads Romney in a possible general election match up by seven points, 49% to 42%.


Going Negative Against Gingrich Works

First Read: “We saw that first in Iowa, where Restore Our Future pounded Gingrich with negative TV ads, knocking down the former House speaker from first in the polls there to a fourth-place finish. But when the race moved to South Carolina, Romney and his allies took their foot off the gas, which paved the way for Gingrich’s upset there. And Team Romney has learned that lesson… It is worth noting that Romney and his campaign have done a superb job pummeling the GOP rivals who have emerged as a threat (first Rick Perry, then Gingrich).”

“How effective was the negative ad campaign? Republicans (not ALL VOTERS) but JUST Florida Republicans gave Gingrich a 40% unfavorable rating. Stunning.”


Slaying the Gingrich Zombie

Mitt Romney handily defeated a resurgent Newt Gingrich in Florida, but ABC News notes it is unclear whether Gingrich, who has now experienced two surges and two declines, is down for good.

“Romney must stay on offense in order to ensure that Newt Gingrich does not come back to life. Romney also needs to carefully try to repair some of his damage with Independents all while quietly nudging his primary challengers out of the race and start taking on the general election battle with President Obama on a daily basis. Not easy to do all of that simultaneously!”


What to Watch for in February

Seven states will vote in February, and Mitt Romney is positioned to do well in most of them, CNN reports.

  • Nevada caucuses – February 4
  • Maine caucuses – February 4-11
  • Minnesota caucuses – February 7
  • Missouri primary – February 7
  • Colorado caucuses – February 7
  • Arizona primary – February 28
  • Michigan primary – February 29

“Romney’s conservative challengers — Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul — have less money and resources and will be forced to pick their battles before March when almost two dozen states will cast ballots.”


Ethics Probes Hang Over House Republicans

The conduct of members of the party in control of the House of Representatives is set to once again play a role in elections. The Hill reports that “as the second session gets under way, nearly a dozen GOP lawmakers are being questions on a wide array of their financial dealings, and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has not publicly admonished them.”

“Ethics issues have typically played a strong role in election seasons as both parties attempt to paint the other as ethically bankrupt. And with a mounting number of ethics issues surrounding House Republicans, Democrats — who are not without their own ethics troubles this Congress — are already trying to capitalize.”


Lingle Trails Both Democrats in Hawaii

A new Honolulu Civil Beat poll in Hawaii shows Democrats leading in their attempt to retain the seat of retiring Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI).

Ed Case (D) leads Linda Lingle (R), 46% to 33%, while Mazie Hirono (D) tops Lingle, 39% to 46%.


Gingrich Vows to Continue

Newt Gingrich’s loss in Florida “was a profound rejection of his candidacy by voters in one of the biggest, most important swing states, and pressure could mount on Mr. Gingrich to drop his insurgency bid,” the New York Times reports.

“Still, he said he would not back down. Framed by signs that read ’46 states to go,’ Mr. Gingrich told supporters at a convention center ballroom here on Tuesday night: ‘We are going to contest every place, and we will win.'”

“The Gingrich campaign is banking on its ability to accumulate delegates, even if in a drip, drip, drip fashion, and to demonstrate enough strength until voting takes place in a succession of Southern states starting on Super Tuesday, March 6. The South is where Mr. Gingrich’s perceived strength lies, with his big victory in South Carolina on Jan. 21 as Exhibit A.”

David Frum: “I can’t remember when I’ve ever seen seen a less gracious concession speech than Newt Gingrich’s tonight.”


Democrats Retain House Seat in Oregon

Suzanne Bonamici (D) swept to a 15 percentage point special election victory over Rob Cornilles (R) in Oregon’s 1st congressional district, the Oregonian reports.

“Besides becoming accustomed to Congress, Bonamici also has to get ready for another election. To earn a full two-year term starting next year, she needs to run in the May primary and November general elections.”


Romney Seeks Bachmann Endorsement

Mitt Romney is heading to Minnesota this morning for a “grassroots rally” and the possible endorsement of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), the Boston Globe reports.

“Aides to Romney and the Minnesota congresswoman have been in conversation in recent days about securing the candidate’s endorsement by the Tea Party favorite and forceful public speaker… Not only would it add to the impression of Romney consolidating the GOP base after rebounding in Florida from his South Carolina loss, but it could help Bachmann by earning her an ally to help her pay off her lingering campaign debt.”


Romney Gets Secret Service Protection

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been informed that it will start receiving Secret Service protection this week, ABC News reports.

“Secret Service protection is being given to the campaign not because of a specific threat but because of the increase in crowd sizes as the primary season has progressed over the past few weeks, according to the sources, who refused to be identified because they don’t have authority to comment on such matters publicly.”

Meanwhile, BuzzFeed collects Secret Service code name suggestions for Romney from Twitter.


Romney vs. Romney

Mitt Romney debates himself in this hilarious video compilation.

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