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March 14, 2012

Romney Would End Planned Parenthood

In an interview with KSDK-TV, Mitt Romney said he would eliminate any federal funding of Planned Parenthood in an effort to reduce the national debt.

Said Romney: “Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that.”


Poll Finds Obama Approval Up

For the first time since early July, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds more Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing than disapprove, 50% to 48%.

Some other polls have shown a recent dip in Obama’s approval rating, and linked that to rising gasoline prices.

A new Bloomberg poll shows Obama’s approval at 48%.


Bill Would Require Candidates to Take Drug Tests

Candidates for Oklahoma state or local offices would have to take a test for illegal drugs before they could file for the posts under an amendment to a bill passed by the state House of Representatives, Tulsa World reports.

“The measure was the Democrats’ response to a Republican-backed bill that would require adults receiving welfare assistance to undergo drug tests.”


Democrats Recruiting Former GOP Lawmaker in Michigan

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is recruiting former Rep. Joe Schwarz (R-MI) to run against Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI), The Hill reports.

Said Schwarz: “We talked and have had very pleasant conversations about it. The DCCC is correctly looking for a candidate to run in the 7th district because there certainly would be a stark contrast between Congressman Walberg and a viable, credible Democratic candidate.”


GOP War on Women

A new MoveOn video clearly highlights the problem Republicans could have with women in this year’s elections.

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Palin Challenges Obama to a Debate

Sarah Palin responded on Facebook to President Obama’s reelection campaign after footage of her was used in a fundraising video.

Said Palin: “I’m not running for any office, but I’m more than happy to accept the dubious honor of being Barack Obama’s ‘enemy of the week’ if that includes the opportunity to debate him on the issues Americans are actually concerned about.”

She added: “I’m willing and free to discuss these issues with the President anywhere, anytime.”

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Bonus Quote of the Day

“Had he failed in that audacious mission, he would’ve been a one-term president.”

— Vice President Joe Biden, quoted by The Hill, on President Obama ordering the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.


How Sarah Palin Ruined Politics

Richard Cohen notes that since Sarah Palin stepped on the national political stage we’ve been subjected to “a deluge of dysfunctional presidential candidates. They do not lie with quite the conviction of Palin, but they are sometimes her match in ignorance. As with Palin, it seemed hardly to matter… Palin is no longer an anomaly.”

“So far, the Palin effect has been limited to the GOP. Surely, though, there lurks in the Democratic Party potential candidates who have seen Palin and taken note. Experience, knowledge, accomplishment — these no longer may matter. They will come roaring out of the left proclaiming a hatred of all things Washington, including compromise. The movie had it right. Sarah Palin changed the game.”


Quote of the Day

“I think he’ll have the most delegates but not a majority.”

— Newt Gingrich, in an interview on Fox News, suggesting Mitt Romney will not win the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the GOP presidential nomination.


Big Majority Wants Super PAC Banned

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds 69% of all Americans say super PACs, a fundraising vehicle that allows wealthy donors to make unlimited donations in support of a particular candidate or party, should be banned. Just 25% said they should remain legal.


A Great Pork Senator

Though he was “totally stunned” Rick Santorum could be considered a viable presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) praised him on Morning Joe as a “great pork Senator.”

Said Rendell: “You know, Rick over the course of time, some things he did very well, he was a great — I hate to say this, he was a great pork Senator. I would call him and say we need this, we got it. He was a great pork Senator.”

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Did Obama’s Approval Rate Really Collapse?

First Read looks at the dramatic drop in President Obama’s approval rating found in last night’s CBS/NYT poll but suggests it may be an outlier since there’s no major event which occurred in the past month to account for this drop.

“It’s probably worth waiting for a few more national polls before reaching the conclusion that something has happened to Obama’s standing in the past month.”


More Americans Say They’re Better Off

A new Bloomberg poll finds more Americans now say they are personally better off since President Obama took office than worse off, 38% to 36%, the first favorable reading for the president on that question since Bloomberg began asking in December 2010.

That said, Americans are still far from content, with 61% saying the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction.


How Republicans Screwed Themselves

John Avlon: “Republicans are in a bruising primary struggle with no candidate close to the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination, and leaving aside the advent of super PACS, they did it to themselves by adopting a proportional-delegate rule in 2010.”


How Republicans Screwed Themselves

John Avlon: “Republicans are in a bruising primary struggle with no candidate close to the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination, and leaving aside the advent of super PACS, they did it to themselves by adopting a proportional-delegate rule in 2010.”


Romney’s Early Vote Advantage

Sasha Issenberg: “Once-meaningful distinctions between early voting, voting-by-mail, and absentee ballots are being erased as 32 states now offer voters the chance to cast their ballot before Election Day without a justifying excuse… Romney’s canny and competent handling of these varied early-voting processes this year has helped him accumulate a seemingly insurmountable lead in delegates. He is running the only modern, professional campaign against a field of amateurs gasping to keep up, and nowhere is that advantage more evident than in his mastery of early voting. Capitalizing on early-voting procedures demands formidable investment up front in the service of later savings.”

“Romney has likely already reaped enough gains from mastering the system in earlier states to ensure he is the only Republican who could enter the Tampa convention in August with enough delegates to become the nominee.”


Cheney Says Canada Too Dangerous

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has cancelled an April appearance in Toronto citing concerns Canada is too dangerous, the National Post reports.

Said the even organizer: “He felt that in Canada the risk of violent protest was simply too high.”