Palin Robocalls Wrong State

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that robocalls made by Sarah Palin to influence the outcome of the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Texas were actually going to voters in Kansas.

Said Palin: “Hello, Texas! I’m Sarah Palin.”

Palin is backing Ted Cruz (R) in the May 29 primary that includes David Dewhurst (R) andTom Leppert (R).

Axelrod Rebuffs Booker

In an interview on NBC News, David Axelrod criticized Newark Mayor Cory Booker’scomments yesterday that attacks on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital made him “uncomfortable.”

Said Axelrod: “In this particular instance, he was just wrong. There were specific instances here that speak to an economic theory that isn’t the right theory for the country.”

He added: “I love Cory Booker. He’s a great mayor. If my house was on fire, I’d hope he was my next door neighbor.”

Bonus Quote of the Day

“If you have led a productive life, you have to wonder if it’s worth your time being here.”

— Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), quoted by the Memphis Commercial Appeal, in deciding to run for re-election, adding he’s become “more optimistic” the Senate can still work.

Cheney Will Raise Money for Romney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, will host a July fundraiser for Mitt Romney at their home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The event will help the likely Republican nominee tap any donors to former President George W. Bush who remain on the sidelines, while fueling Democratic efforts to tie Romney to President Obama’s predecessor.”

What If There Were No Filibuster?

Joshua Green: “Let’s take only the Obama presidency. Had the filibuster not applied, the United States would have a market-based system to control carbon emissions, which would limit the damage from global warming, vitalize the clean technology sector, and challenge other large polluters like China and India to do the same. The new health care law would have a public option. Children of undocumented immigrants who served two years in the military or went to college could become US citizens. Women paid less than their male colleagues because of their gender would have broader legal recourse against their employers. Billionaires would not be able to manipulate the political system from behind a veil of anonymity.”

Quote of the Day

“The question is: do you have another white-bread sandwich and, you know, is it just going to be boring to voters out there? I think that that’s the question with Portman.”

— Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R), in a Fox News interview, on why Mitt Romney might not want to pick Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) as his running mate.

Romney Backers Have Raised More Than Obama

Despite headlines showing President Obama’s re-election campaign beating Mitt Romney in the race for campaign dollars, Ken Vogel points out that super PACs, committees and Romney’s campaign have actually outraised the president and his backers $402 million to $340 million.

Campaigns Fear Influence of Outside Groups

Politico reports that Democrats and Republicans are increasingly worried about the role Super PACs will play in this year’s presidential election.

“The risk from rogue third-party groups is a potential menace to both Republicans and Democrats. The GOP has seen more super PACs and 501(c)(4) groups form to support its candidates, but there’s nothing to stop an individual liberal gazillionaire from commissioning ads on a subject the Obama campaign doesn’t want to talk about — say, Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith.. Paul Begala, the veteran Democratic operative working with Priorities USA, said the simple reality is ‘candidates and campaigns are no longer masters of their own fate — even their own messaging, on their own side of the fight.'”

Conservatives Suggests a Race War is Brewing

McKay Coppins: “If you’ve spent much time consuming conservative media lately, you’ve probably learned about a slow-burning ‘race war’ going on in America today. Sewing together disparate data points and compelling anecdotes like the attack in Norfolk, conservative bloggers and opinion-makers are driving the narrative with increasing frequency. Their message: Black-on-white violence is spiking — and the mainstream media is trying to cover it up.”

Is Attacking Bain Capital Fair Game?

Despite criticisms from those in his own party, First Read says President Obama’s campaign isn’t backing down over attacking Mitt Romney’s years at Bain Capital.

“If Romney is going to make his Bain record the central rationale of his candidacy — more so than his four years as Massachusetts governor — and if he’s going to take credit for job gains created under Bain, then it’s only fair to point out examples when Bain-controlled companies took on huge debt, slashed worker pay and benefits, laid off employees and filed for bankruptcy, all while Bain investors made money, they argue.”

“Think of it this way, they say: If a presidential candidate says that the education reforms he enacted as a governor are the centerpiece of his presidential bid, then it would be only fair to examine those reforms. Did they work? How well? Can that experience work at the federal level?”

The campaign released a new video stepping up those attacks.

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Obama Spends Half of What He Raises

President Obama’s re-election campaign “is spending about half of what it raises to support a large political infrastructure that includes hundreds of workers and dozens of offices around the country,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“For now, it gives him at least one leg up on Mitt Romney, his presumptive Republican opponent, who still has far less money to spend despite making recent fundraising gains, according to federal filings released Sunday.”

Conservative Donors Slow to Back Romney

An Associated Press review of campaign finance data found that “only a few hundred donors who contributed to candidates like Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum have changed course and gave to Romney’s campaign or the Republican Party in April. That’s as GOP stalwarts and some former rivals have called on supporters to rally around Romney’s White House run.”

“Out of more than 50,000 donors who gave to other GOP candidates like Gingrich, Santorum and Texas Gov. Rick Perry since the start of the nomination race, fewer than 600 appeared to write checks to Romney in April.”

Lobbyists Continue to Regularly Visit White House

Washington Post review of White House visitor logs “show that the lobbying industry Obama has vowed to constrain is a regular presence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The records also suggest that lobbyists with personal connections to the White House enjoy the easiest access.”

Booker Walks Back Comments

Newark Mayor Cory Booker released a video emphasizing his support for President Obama’s re-election after condemning some the president’s re-election tactics as “nauseating,” NBC News reports.

“The remark was a badly off-script tangent for Booker, who’s regarded as a rising star within the Democratic Party, and an effective surrogate for Obama. The president’s re-election campaign had worked all week to drive a message painting Romney’s experience at Bain as primarily motivated by profits at all costs, rather than the expertise on job creation that Romney has sought to project.”

Booker’s video “doesn’t renounce his comments made on Meet the Press, but it does describe the Obama campaign’s scrutiny of Romney’s business record as appropriate.”

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