Obama Loses Ground Nationally and in Swing States

The latest Purple Strategies poll shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally by just two points, 48% to 46%.

In addition, there are four state polls:

Colorado: Obama 48%, Romney 46%

Virginia: Obama 49%, Romney 46%

Ohio: Romney 48%, Obama 45%.

Florida: Romney 49%, Obama 45%.


The Speaking Styles of the Candidates

James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actors Studio,” spoke to Laura Ingraham had some interesting thoughts on the elocution skills of Mitt Romney and President Obama.

On Romney: “He has a problem with the laugh. You know what the laugh sounds like Laura?… That HA HA HA in cartoons, he expects us to be amused but if you look at him and freeze the frame at the bottom of the screen and look at his eyes, he clearly is not amused. He needs to fix that. He wants to be amused but he himself is not amused. People think that crying is the test of an actor. The real test of acting is laughing.”

On Obama: “I wanted to write a piece sometime ago, myself once again called the disappearing G. It was inspired by George W. Bush. Where suddenly this man who comes from a good upper-class family and comes from an upper-class world. The G in I-N-G vanished… And other politicians have taken it on. Obama does it there, I don’t like it anywhere. For a fella who’s been educated his whole life he doesn’t need to say we’re gonna succeed.”


Romney Grabs Lead in Michigan

A new EPIC-MRA poll in Michigan shows Mitt Romney slightly leading President Obama, 46% to 45%.

The pollster notes “the softening in support for Obama is likely related to a robust TV advertising campaign by pro-Romney PACs which have been critical of his handling of the economy. Perhaps most troubling for the Democratic president is a decline in support from independent voters.”


Dead Heat in Colorado

A new Rasmussen survey in Colorado shows President Obama and Mitt Romney tied in Colorado at 45% each.


Obama and the Media Freak Show

Mark Halperin: “With five months until Election Day, Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose.”

“Another danger for the President: the media freak show. Stalking that circus’ center ring is Matt Drudge, whose caustic website continues to help drive the news cycle with an emphasis on negative, mocking items about Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and their wives. The latest sign of Drudge’s potency: Ed Klein, the author of the virulently anti-Obama book The Amateur, was barred from major TV appearances and mostly ignored by the mainstream media, but the book’s prominence on Drudge’s website propelled it to the No. 1 slot on the New York Times nonfiction list.”


Rendell Says Clinton Would Have Been Better

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) took another swipe at President Obama telling CBS News he thought Hillary Clinton might be a more capable president.

Said Rendell: “I think the president was hurt by being a legislator only,” further adding that the president’s health care law and the economic stimulus package “was left up to the Congress” rather than the White House.

He added: “I think Hillary Clinton would’ve sent them a bill and said, ‘Here’s what I want.'”


Early Forecast Shows Obama with Edge

Nate Silver‘s first 2012 presidential forecast has President Obama “as a very slight favorite to win re-election. But his advantage equates to only a two-point lead in the national popular vote, and the edge could easily swing to Mitt Romney on the basis of further bad economic news.”

“Mr. Obama remains slightly ahead of Mr. Romney in most national polls, and he has had a somewhat clearer advantage in polling conducted at the state level. Mr. Obama would be about 80% likely to win an election held today… However, the outlook for the Nov. 6 election is much less certain, with Mr. Obama having winning odds of just over 60%.”

Key issue to resolve: “One of the confusing aspects of this presidential race so far is that national polls have often shown a race that is nearly tied — or Mr. Romney sometimes leading — while Mr. Obama has more often had the lead in polls of crucial battleground states. Sites that project the presidential outcome based on the state polls have thus seemed to show a tangible advantage for Mr. Obama, while those that look at the trend in national polls seem to imply that the race is too close to call.”


Did Mitt Romney Impersonate a Police Officer?

Joe Conason: “When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer — a crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. And he had the uniform on display as proof.”

“Other eyewitnesses have previously recalled Romney’s alleged use of a police or trooper uniform in pranks during his high school years at the exclusive Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.”


Supreme Court Could Surprise on Health Care

Bloomberg: “As the Supreme Court weighs the challenge to the 2010 health-care overhaul, there’s a cautionary tale for those who may have found hope in the way the justices picked apart the government’s arguments defending the law… In 2009, the justices were equally as picky in questioning government lawyers in arguments of an appeal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act — and left the law intact in an 8-1 ruling.”


Romney and RNC Outraise Obama and DNC

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and the RNC raised a combined $76.8 million in May, outdistancing President Obama and the DNC by a wide margin, Politico reports.

“Only a few hours earlier, the Obama camp said it had taken in over $60 million last month but did not announce how much it has in the bank.”


Obama Leads Romney in Wisconsin

A new We Ask America poll in Wisconsin shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney by five points, 48% to 43%.


Senators Begin Secret Talks on Grand Bargain

A dozen senators “have begun to organize closed-door briefings with leading economic experts to prod Congress into action. Some lawmakers are quietly pushing to have a major tax and budget package ready by September so a bill can be introduced immediately after the November elections and passed by Christmas,” Politico reports.

Said Sen. Dick Durbin: “‘There’s a genuine concern that a downturn in Europe or another place will force our hand: It’s far better for us to start working on this earlier rather than later. If we can present something immediately after the election that is a good solid starting point, I think it’s going to restore confidence in the business community.”


Who’s to Blame?

First Read: “Republicans have been VERY effective in selling the public that blame for the problems in government lies at the feet of public workers and their public pensions for the budget deficits out there — federal, state, and local. When there’s an economic downturn, Democrats and liberals often point their fingers at Wall Street and big business. Republicans, in previous economic downturns, haven’t been as effective at giving an anxious public someone to blame until now. But ever since the financial industry and economy collapsed in ’08 — exploding the size of deficits because tax revenues went down — Republicans and conservatives have handed the public public-sector workers and their pensions as the focus of their ire.”

“Here’s a question to chew on: Who is taking more political heat right now — Wall Street (even after that JP Morgan news) or public workers? ”


Large Majority Want Health Care Law Overturned

A new New York Times/CBS News poll finds 68% of Americans hope the Supreme Court will overturn some or all of the President Obama’s landmark health care law. Just 24% said they hoped the court “would keep the entire health care law in place.”

The Supreme Court is expected to decide a challenge to the law by the end of this month.

The breakdown: 41% of those surveyed said the court should strike down the entire law, and another 27% said the justices should overturn only the individual mandate, which requires most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty.


Obama Leads in Virginia

A new Quinnpiac poll in Virginia finds President Obama leading Mitt Romney by five points, 47% to 42%.

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